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Wasn’t it so so AMAZING!

Hey Did you watch the wedding yesterday? Awwww I was hooked. Yesterday my plans were to potter around the house, create a new recipe with halloumi cheese and dip in and out of the wedding (just wanted to see the dress tbh) I couldn’t take my eyes off it!! I sat in the office with […]

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Exciting news LOVE LOVE LOVE

I’m just gonna say a big THANK YOU!! If it wasn’t for you and everyone else who reads my emails, my blogs, follows my posts, offer support and even more…..everyone who has joined in with my plans …I wouldn’t have the life I love. I LOVE what I do I LOVE helping people I LOVE […]

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Gin & Croissants for breakfast?

Last night was the first meeting with the Life Taransformer girls We all got to know each other, share struggles & goals and get excited for the journey. This is going to be such a fun group. We’ve already had one join the meeting IN THE BATH  – what an ice breaker 😉 and my […]

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How to curb cravings

 Hey Cravings is one of those things that gets i the way of weight loss. Constantly thinking about what you ‘can’t’ have until you binge and over eat, feel guilty, like a failure, believe you’ve ruined the whole day so SCREW IT May aswell eat all the junk and start again Monday. There are […]

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** All The Info You Need **

Hey The good thing about having lots of social media is I can share some inspiration to so many people. It does however mean I have multiple inboxes and it can take so much time replying to everyone – which I do! So I thought I’d copy some of the questions I’ve received and share the answers […]

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Nobody will know…it’s fine

 Do any of these sentences resonate with you? “It’s fine, nobody will know” (After eating a choccy bar washed down with diet coke) “Oh well, may as well eat them all” (When you start a pack of biccies and realise theres only a few left) I know a LOT of women have these thoughts. They’re […]

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OMG I feel really bad about that

Hellooooo I’ve been busy busy. I took some days away from it all to be with my boys celebrating Richards birthday and chilling out and you know what it’s like. Everything is manic before so you can do it, then everything is manic after as you catch up. Plus the added joy of unpacking our […]

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