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Last Chance To Join The 30 Day Challenge

The Challenge is openThe team are in the support groupI’ve just sent the Day 1 task and we’re all excited to start the 30 Day ‘Get Motivated’ ChallengeIf you wanted to jump in, here’s the link for instant accesshttps://tarahammett.com/30daymotivationjoinI’m loving some of the posts in the group already asking questions.There are some girls who have […]

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Let’s face it…it’s lovely.A take away, on the weekend with the family & friends.It just fits in nicely with a good chill out.FoodDrinkGood CompanyBit of TVAfter a busy, stressful week – you deserve it.Take aways can have a bit of a hammering for being ‘bad’ and ‘naughty’ and yes, you can definitely eat better food, […]

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GIGANTIC chocolate buttons in bed

GIGANTIC chocolate buttons

I caved and ate those GIGANTIC chocolate buttons in bed last night.We all do itAre you (say yes) going to make a plan today and be productive? It’ll take 15 mins of your day. You CAN find that time (or find some excuses)It’s important to do some planning today It’s your focus Your clarity Your […]

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Protein Confusion?

HiyaI’ve got about an hour left of Danny’s nap time and I’ve been asked a great question by Emma, so I thought I’d share the knowledge.”I’m confused about protein post workout. Why should we have it?”I’m going to keep it short & simple:When we workout we use up energy stores in our muscles and have […]

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Coconut Oil Poison?

HeyHope you’ve had a productive day!It’s Day 1 in the 6 week body plan and we’ve been concentrating on doing a quick workout and drinking more water. It’s the theme of the week. Have you done some exercise today and drunk plenty?It’s just a quickie for me whilst I’ve got some free time in the […]

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Your Recipe and some WOW

HelloooooLast week’s newsletter went down well and thank you for the love love love, so here’s edition #2 of Tara’s Tips.Kicking off with some OMG – those girls are amazingFollowed by OMG they taste amazingand Finally what I recommend you do to feel amazing!Could You Be Next ?My 6 Week Plan can get some incredible […]

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Literally just throw everything in the slowcooker. Put on medium for 4-5 hours or low for 7-8 hours and it’s done.This makes 4-5 servings and you can enjoy with your fave veggies. I had green beans and 2 tablespoons of whole grain rice.YummersAnother to add to your little collection. So my gorgeous, cute little Danny […]

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Don’t waste your time

Hey I wanted to share this 1 minute video with you today.Oprah’s message is so powerful This week in the plan we’re working on Mindset.A practice that 83% of my Instagram Story followers said they didn’t do, but wished they did.Do you practice Mindfulness?For me, I love reading.This morning I got up early to do […]

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Yippeeee For Back To School

How’s your newsfeed today?Filled to the brim with proud parents sharing photos of their children in their new uniforms.Some seem to small to be startingSome can’t believe they’re going to compand Some in their final yearSome parents are sad to see the end of the Summer hols andsome……..hop, skipping and jumping their way through the […]

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Listen to THIS!

HelloooooI hope you’re having a fab day.I had a lazy morningWas in bed and sleeping by 9:10pm and didn’t get up until Danny woke at 7:15am…..then we all stayed there until 8!A change from the usual 5am weekday alarm, but sometimes we just need it.I’ll be sticking to my usual daily routines and habits and […]

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