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The bloat has DISAPPEARED

Kerry is Body Goals!! The bloat has gone! When she joined the Life Taransformer 12 week plan she had two big goals She wanted to look and feel incredible on her wedding day in September and she wanted to feel fit & gorgeous when she turned 40. She was struggling and like many out there, […]

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Heard the latest?

Lots been going on this week with my tips Have you heard this week’s podcast? Click here to listen This week we talk about GOOD BBQ FOOD AND BAD BBQ FOOD GOING BACK TO SCHOOL THE BEST BREAKFASTS TO HAVE Also, over in my support group I had a good chat (Rant) about Skinny Teas […]

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Wasted the last 6 months?

Here’s something ot think about…. HALF OF 2018 HAS GONE!! Just like that. The year that so many said “THIS IS THE YEAR!” During the fastest ever last 6 months what have you achieved? I KNOW some have done really well. Check out Gemma, Kathy and Sarah’s 6 month results below. At the beginning of the year […]

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Top 5 BBQ Survival Tips

Had many BBQ’s in the nice weather? I haven’t had one yet, however when I do I can very easily turn a healthy meal outside into an over-indulgent feast! The thing with a BBQ is it’s a buffet outside. You never really know how much you’ve eaten or drunk because there’s just a table full […]

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Do you think this will work?

Children are so funny Yesterday I was at Morriston Primary School doing an assembly about healthy living We talked about good food to eat…..apples We talked about what they like to eat…pizza & burgers and we had a fun little workout being Super stars and Super boys&girls Children have so much energy and want to […]

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Hip fat – how to lose it!

Hope you had a fab weekend! There were plenty of treats in mine, Few drinkies Choccy Eating out All good and all part of a balanced lifestyle. Just how it should be for us all with to over thinking or guilt. Today is the first day of the latest 6 Week Body Plan and it’s […]

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What I do on Party Day

I’m going out today and having a few drinkies Woo Hoo, The last time I was out with my friends was Christmas time! OMG – I’ve forgotten how to go out. What I haven’t forgotten though is my ‘Feel The Best Party Plan’. Before I tell you what I am 100% going to do today […]

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OMG No Nappy!

Hey, The other day I said don’t put things off until tomorrow…and I still mean it. The 6 week plan opens tomorrow so we can get excited this weekend to get ready for starting Monday. Click here for the plan and support group link (Did I mention you could come on a Spa day with […]

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But.. but.. but..

I could over come excuses all day long for people. When I shared the body transformation of Hannah yesterday there was this one response which stood out “Your email has hit me at the right time as I need to change my habits and go on holiday 1st August and want to look better in […]

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