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Fancy a 30 Day Motivation Challenge?

Are you up for a 30 day challenge? Yesterday I had a huge response to my ‘holiday body’ tips. On my Instagram story yesterday 83% of my followers said they need a ‘kick up the butt’ to get motivated to change. So many have something coming up and really want to feel better about themselves […]

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When is best to exercise?

 Is it morning? before lunch or in the evening? This is a question I was asked by Gemma in the Life Tarasnsformer meeting Monday night And the best time is…. ….whichever time realistically suits you best to be able to do it consistently JUST DO IT!!! That’s the main thing. If you’re a morning […]

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Last chance to join the 6 week plan

It’s all starting tomorrow Today I’ll be in our brand new 6 week plan getting the girls excited to start working towards their goals. Last month Kathy wanted to lose weight so she could feel fab at 40…today she is celebrating and is 13lbs lighter! GOAL ACHIEVED Did you see Helen yesterday fitting into her […]

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You Can’t Enjoy Your Life And Be Thin

Remember Beth who we saw yesterday with her amazing body transformation and over 2 stone loss. We were chatting this morning about her weight loss journey and how she felt before joining my plans. This sentence said it all: ” I used to think you couldn’t completely enjoy your life and be thin! I always […]

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Healthy Pancake Recipe You MUST Try Today

These pancakes need ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS!! So many people will be getting their flipping skills in action today to celebrate shrove Tuesday and many will be avoiding or feeling guilty for joining in because “It’s gonna spoil the diet” Don’t be one of those people Instead, join in , have fun, enjoy and don’t feel […]

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Check Out Beth’s Transformation

I’m loving Beth’s success…..and check out why she has now changed her goal. 18months ago Beth came along to one of my seminars. She was sat there, in the audience learning all about my 5 steps to changing your body. Afterwards she felt totally inspired by the success stories I was sharing. At the time […]

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