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Protein Confusion?

Hiya I’ve got about an hour left of Danny’s nap time and I’ve been asked a great question by Emma, so I thought I’d share the knowledge. “I’m confused about protein post workout. Why should we have it?” I’m going to keep it short & simple: When we workout we use up energy stores in our […]

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Coconut Oil Poison?

Hey Hope you’ve had a productive day! It’s Day 1 in the 6 week body plan and we’ve been concentrating on doing a quick workout and drinking more water. It’s the theme of the week. Have you done some exercise today and drunk plenty? It’s just a quickie for me whilst I’ve got some free […]

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Final Chance

Do you want to lose weight  ? This is your final chance to join the 6 Week Body Plan CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW It’s only a £9 per week investment in you and your happiness. Tara xx PS   Still wondering if it’s for you? Here’s what is included: For toning – all the workouts you need […]

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Gentle Reminder For You

Hiya First, did you get the recipe yesterday ok? I’m hoping a few of the people I sent it to will actually make them and enjoy them, no point having the recipe otherwise 😉 Also, I wanted to remind you that the 6 week body plan is starting tomorrow and I’ll be closing the doors […]

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Your Recipe and some WOW

Hellooooo Last week’s newsletter went down well and thank you for the love love love, so here’s edition #2 of Tara’s Tips. Kicking off with some OMG – those girls are amazing Followed by OMG they taste amazing and Finally what I recommend you do to feel amazing! Could You Be Next  ? My 6 Week […]

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Crazy 2:30am alarm weight loss plan

Hey! I’m going to be on BBC Radio soon, talking about Mark Wahlberg’s crazy regime that he’s following at the moment, getting up at 230 in the morning!! Could you get up at that time to do your workout? Setting an alarm that early to be part of the 4am club is absolutely berserk, and […]

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So my gorgeous, cute little Danny is 20 months today ….What a morning I’ve had with him.Tantrum on top of tantrum No sitting in his high chair, No brekkie. No milk Didn’t even want his dummy So before I cried and also had snot everywhere I gave in (Oops)….we had to play ‘Daddy Pig flips […]

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Messed up routine?

Hiya Got a quick video for you to watch  – it’s literally 2mins long. Nia asked in the group how to get around her night shifts. She was going through her shift without eating and feeling awful, so needed some tips on how to overcome it. Now you don’t have to work nights to have an […]

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Jo didn’t like my last email

Did you see my last Newsletter style email? I asked for some feedback (Sorry I haven’t got back to you all – that’s on the agenda this morning) Jo replied saying she didn’t like the set up, she loved it! As did so many who thought it was easy to read, inspiring, pretty and professional. […]

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