Literally just throw everything in the slowcooker. Put on medium for 4-5 hours or low for 7-8 hours and it’s done.
This makes 4-5 servings and you can enjoy with your fave veggies. I had green beans and 2 tablespoons of whole grain rice.
Another to add to your little collection.

So my gorgeous, cute little Danny is 20 months today
....What a morning I've had with him.

Tantrum on top of tantrum

No sitting in his high chair,
No brekkie.
No milk
Didn't even want his dummy

So before I cried and also had snot everywhere I gave in (Oops)....we had to play 'Daddy Pig flips the pancake' on my laptop.

LESSON #1 Hide laptop (and pens) from Danny so he doesn't remember it's here and want it.

I got stressed thinking of all the things I needed to do.

  • Work (New 6 week body plan opening this weekend, client prep, this email)
  • Food Shop (hadn't done online and needed milk & fabric softer despo)
  • Washing (baskets overflowing, but run out of fabric softener)
  • Niece's 18th Party tonight ( bag wasn't packed so I could quickly shower and change in between last client finishing at 6:15pm and needing to be in restaurant by 6:30pm - clearl I'm already late and it's only 12:06pm. lol)

So I got a bit of perspective. I couldn't and actually didn't need to do it all at once. One thing at a time, I'm actually not Wonder Women ( Y tho!)

LESSON #2 Work on one thing at a time. Over thinking leads to stress & over whelm and can stop you actually doing anything

and finally....I asked for some help.

I don't need to do things on my own, and now Deaks has a little list of jobs. Ha!

LESSON #3 Ask for help!

I need to remember this and practice it before I end up sitting in the playpen crying into an empty bag of revels with The Grand Old Duke Of York playing in the background.

This also applies to weight loss and lifestyle change

We need to keep temptation at bay
Get some perspective
Work on one habit at a time and get someone to help us or we get overwhelmed and do NOTHING.

What I mean by nothing is all the same things we do day in, day out in our comfort zone, complaining about but doing it anyway.

What are your lessons today?
Do you need to ask for help and work on one thing at a time?

The 6 week body plan is open now.

^ Click the link above to join and get ready this weekend to get back in control and excited to start work on your goal.

There are a few tasks to do on the weekend
(do you know your weight, inches, clothes size right now? Do you also know what you would like your weight, inches, clothes size to be?)

Let me help you.

We start Monday and I'd love you to be in the team!

Tara xxx

P.S Chose my Spa Winner from the last 6 week plan. It was Samantha Rajani, she's super chuffed and even more motivated for the next 6 weeks xxx

Tara Hammett