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Jacqui’s Story

I will never forget my first real one to one conversation with Tara and it was in the back of a mini bus and we started discussing food.  Tara explained about government influences on promoting so called healthy foods when in reality the product may have started off healthy but the end result is processed high sugar junk. I […]

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Tracey’s Story

Hi my name is Tracy and I am one of Tara’s BBC taransformationtroop.  I was thrilled to be asked to be a guest blogger for Tara and decided I wanted to talk about something that I really struggle with MOTIVATION. At the start of any fat burning life changing project if you are anything like me […]

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Kalola’s Story

Back in May a message went out through the dvla, asking for volunteers to take part in a Documentary about health and wellbeing in the workplace with BBC WALES. Having worked in a sedentary job at the dvla for 13 years my health had suffered due to gaining a lot of weight, i had had problems with my […]

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Ashleigh’s Story

As an Administrative Officer within the civil service, my lifestyle has always been sedentary to say the least, working long hours, tied to a desk and balancing that with quality time with my Family (partner Eilir and son Jacob who is 2), that was difficult enough! not to mention getting some exercise. But having a […]

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The scariest session so far!

I’ve been standing up in front of groups and crowds taking classes, holding seminars and giving presentations, for over a decade and by now you’d think that I’d be quite at ease with it. Until recently…………….. I was asked if I would go along to a local school to speak about the benefits of healthy […]

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I’ve had 2 exciting nominations! :-)

What an exciting couple of weeks it’s been! Firstly, I found out that I’ve been shortlisted into the Top 6 UK Personal Trainer of the Year Shortlist with the National Fitness Awards!! AND Last week I found out that I’ve made the shortlist of 3 for the Lifestyle Business Award in the Swansea Bay Business Life […]

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Bored of miracle, transformation promises?

Getting a bit bored of seeing unrealistic ‘Transforming bodies testimonials’ popping up on your newsfeed.Only just before I got my little typing fingers going, there was a comparison photo on my face book newsfeed. A fantastic transformation, granted, but all with the promise of getting there quickly and effortlessly (the after photo was great; she’d […]

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Tara, you’re not normal!

Hmmm…that headline may be 100% correct in some aspects, but very often when I’m talking about nutrition (which is a lot), many times I’ve had the ‘you’re not normal’ response. “Tara, what do you eat?” And it’s from there that it begins….. So what is normal nutrition? Real food – Simple! Many people have been […]

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