Tara, you’re not normal! - Tara Hammett

Tara, you’re not normal!

Hmmm…that headline may be 100% correct in some aspects, but very often when I’m talking about nutrition (which is a lot), many times I’ve had the ‘you’re not normal’ response.

“Tara, what do you eat?”

And it’s from there that it begins…..

So what is normal nutrition?

Real food – Simple!

Many people have been moulded into the routine of believing that ‘normal’ looks a bit like this:

Breakfast: Packaged cereal….if anything!

Lunch: whatever I grab…If I’m good a shop bought salad and diet coke. If not, some sort or sandwich, pastry, coffee, crisp, chocolate….if anything!

Dinner: Something quick, probably out of a pack or picked up on the way home.

Oh and if you’ve been good in the day ‘dieting’ and restricting yourself, you may convince yourself that you deserve that glass of wine and a little treat.

Welcome to ‘Normal’

Basically, much of the food you may have eaten during the day could have an ingredients list as long as your arm and you can’t even pronounce half of it.

Try saying ‘I’ve just had a glass of Carbonated water, colour (caramel E150d), sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K), flavourings (including caffeine), phosphoric acid, citric acid and a source of phenylalanine!! (You can probably guess what it is)

I’d rather a glass of water thanks!

So when I say that for breakfast I may have some eggs, with some green veg and a side of blueberries, people think I’m crazy.

“Vegetables for breakfast!!!!” :-O

Crazy is thinking that eating a bowl of processed flakes, loaded with sugar and so totally non-nutritional that vitamins have to be added to it, yet they think this is doing good!

“Yeah but it’s quick and easy!”

So, it’s at this point that I respond with a challenge. Want to race me?

You go with the cardboard, packaged cereal and I’ll make a bowl of berries, nuts & greek yoghurt.

The results would go a bit like this…

Time: We’re even

Look: Tara wins

Taste: Tara defo wins

Nutrition: Tara wins

Energy: Tara feels amazeballs, challenger slumps later and needs another sugar burst.

You get the picture.

If you want to feel energised, be healthy and live a more positive lifestyle, start with your nutrition and get out of the processed eating lifestyle. Meal times are when we should be feeding our body with goodness, not following the routine that big food brands what us to follow with their sugar loaded, cheap, packaged food stuff.

Change your way of thinking about meals and start to experiment with more variety.  TARAnsformers love trying new foods and being given new ideas. Just check out some of the meal pics on my facebook page and instagram for inspiration.

So make a break from the fat storing, high sugar, high starch junk and turn yourself into an energised, fat burning machine!

If you want more tips on meal ideas, please do get in touch.

Keep fit & fab!


p.s I’d love you to join me in not normal, crazy land! It’s much better to be ridiculous and awesome than a bit boring! ;-)

Tara Hammett