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How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

How Michelle Lost 17lbs…..
WOW - Now she's feeling better than she has in a long time. But it wasn't  like that a few weeks[...]
The main thing you MUST do to Transform yourself!!
Do you know what happens when you take your first step.... Then you take another... And another... Then you pause.[...]
I’ll be back on your TV screens!!
I was up and out early this morning to make my way to Cardiff for a spot of filming with[...]
I can’t take anymore
You know those days where nothing goes to plan. Well, yesterday didn't go to plan for me. I completely lost[...]
Free 7 Day 12min HIIT Challenge
Need some motivation and ready to take on another TARAnsformer Challenge? Have you already got my DVD and not doing[...]
What did you do with your DVD?
** FREE CHALLENGE ALERT** Did you buy my DVD and do NOTHING with it? Check out what Rhi posted in the[...]
The BEST Butt Lifting Combo
I can STILL feel my bottom hurting. On Friday, I was at the gym doing a quick workout with my[...]
You are #1
I just love that you're a mum now Tara! Keep encouraging us mums to look after ourselves as well as[...]
It’s not all you think
Smashing yourself up Go Hard or Go Home Only eat Salad or Veg all the time ^^^ All these things[...]
Recipe: Bacon & Tomato Muffin
Happy Monday! It's results day in Detox Week Kick off day in the 21 day programme and we've got our[...]
Ready to take the plunge??
This morning (After a little Sunday lie in with my family), I've been replying to messages from many asking for[...]
I apologise
How much do you want to change? Yesterday I replied to many inboxes, comments and whatsapp messages about the 21[...]
How do I start this??????????????
HELP?! ^^ That's what I got a lot of yesterday After I posted my transformation photo yesterday my inbox soon[...]
The Little Black Dress I REALLY wanted to get into
I didn't wear the dress on my first night out as I first planned. Only because I was going out[...]
79lbs and 84.5 inches GONE!!
That's what the girls lost in the 21 day programme. We had our results day on Monday and the team[...]
What Do You Want More?
The BUFFET or The BODY?? repeating this little mantra 'What do I want more?' is what helped Jennifer get through[...]
Last Chance To Join In Today
Always ‘starting again tomorrow’? You know what to do, but you just DO NOT DO IT? Wish you had a flatter[...]
Why can’t I tackle the one thing that makes me so miserable?
If you saw me out, would you come up to me and say hello? I had a lovely email yesterday[...]
She said: Why Don’t You Live A Little?!
Life's too short That's what was said to one of the Taransformers when she was asked how she'd lost so[...]
Do you WISH you were different?
"You're doing AMAZING! How have you lost so much weight?" Ever asked that to someone that's transformed themselves? After they[...]