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How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

Loving what you’ve been saying
So....THANK YOU!! I'm on Day 4 today, along with so many of you. Today is the day we see if[...]
YIKES! No Facebook!!
  Joining the FREE 30 day challenge? "How can I watch this? I'm not on Facebook!" Ah ha - I[...]
LIVE HERE: I want my abs back!!!
Check out the live video here: I said how I want my abs back. 4 weeks ago I started[...]
Want to LOSE WEIGHT & join the free challenge?
  This is what we'll be doing starting on Monday! I'm being selfish with this challenge (good selfish though) I have[...]
My 4 Week Transformation
Here's my progress pics from the last 4 weeks. I posted this in my Taransformums group yesterday. Here's the post [...]
There’s ABSOLUTELY no point!
Knowing something and doing absolutely NOTHING with the knowledge is as good as not even knowing in the first place.[...]
I feel vulnerable, like you.
THIS is incredible... I love it and wanted you to read it…. It is not the critic who counts, not[...]
I feel vulnerable, like you.
THIS is incredible... I love it and wanted you to read it…. It is not the critic who counts, not[...]
What inspires you?
We all need someone or something to inspire us, motivate us, encourage us and drive us. I'm asking you this[...]
Cram in the coffee – QUICK!
That's a little bit what I've been thinking this morning. I've got into a bit of a habit of putting[...]
My Biscuit Munching Made Me CROSS!
GGGRRRRRR Would this annoy you? A big 'X' on my ticksheet full of ticks. Just posted this in the 21[...]
Chinese Food – Healthy Style
OMG these were DELICIOUS!! I've been creative in the kitchen again, ready for the Taransformer Detox Week (You can join[...]
I burnt my chips!! Check this recipe out though
Yesterday I mentioned taking your first step or  re-stepping the step you stepped before, got results,  had a go on[...]
Does worrying stop you changing your life?
Do you do that much? Worry so much about things, then what you were worrying about ended up being nothing[...]
I know what to do..WHY CAN’T I DO IT!?!?
Isn't it just SO HARD being good all the time and losing weight!! Yes...It's hard. You learn one thing about[...]
My bump….and me now!
I can't believe how big I was! When I think and look back at my pregnancy, even though at the[...]
You been picking at crackers too? 😉
Gotta love a little rhyme hey. After my last message to you about eating healthy food which is delish, but[...]
Completely BORING!
Check out the food above. That's a few of the meals we've had at home the past few days. Omelette with[...]
Failed? Fallen off?
Some of the girls fell off the wagon. I talk about getting them back on here. AND YOU.... Inbox me[...]
Copy my food plan here
Here's my meals from yesterday (plus an apple I forgot to snap) MOUTHWATERING Just imagine You want to lose weight[...]