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Could have lost 17lbs and eaten chocolate!
  Hey 🙂 Chocolate for breakfast? Lunch and Dinner? Struggling to control those sugar cravings? I received this question: The[...]
Gemma was FED UP, so lost 12.5lbs and kept going
Hey How has your Monday been so far? The way your morning starts makes a huge difference in your day[...]
See you at 8pm 🙂
Hiya! Just a quickie as I want you to just enjoy your Sunday (and I'mm gonna get ready to take[...]
Latest Show…Chocolate Daily Sound Good?
Just sending you the link to this weeks podcast. Hopefully, on this fine sunny day, you'll be out and about[...]
Recipe: Chickpea & Mushroom Burger
 Hey hey Just got in from a lovely walk with Danny. He picked his first seashell for me and[...]
Is work getting in the way of your weight loss?
Isn't it so hard to eat healthy food when there are goodies in your face all day long?! Recently I visited[...]
STOP Wasting time and do this today
Hiya How was your day yesterday? Were you productive? Did you feel full of energy and make the day count?[...]
Cutting out bread from your diet – Yay or Nay???
 I've been getting some great questions and last night I answered them live on Facebook. Just incase you missed[...]
It’s been a tough few days
Hey I've been wiped out for the past 6 days, the joys of a bug hey! Danny had us up[...]
Would you eat this?
^^^ Yay or Nay? Amazing or weird? Yesterday when recording my podcast Badger reminded me about the hot cross bun[...]
I’m not a fan of working late
Are you an early bird , or a night owl? I love to get up! 5am alarm (yes, I would 100%[...]
Last Chance To Join In The 6 Week Body Plan
Hey Here's the link for you to get the support group and all the amazing workouts, recipes & meal plans[...]
Alarm bells at 4 stone weight loss!
Hey It's Good Friday! I hope you've got a lovely weekend planned. I just wanted to check in with a[...]
I can’t do it alone, I keep failing
I'm sure thousands of women can relate to this..... "Hi Tara, I emailed you back in September with help to[...]
IT'S COMING... I've had a few ask about what to do over Easter so I'm gonna get straight to the[...]
“I can’t let life’s events take over my life”
 Hey Check out the video. This shows a quick summary of what you can expect in the 6 week[...]
Recipe: Harissa Spiced Sausage & Egg
Hey Yesterday on my Instagram I shared a photo of the Harissa Spiced Sausage & Eggs from the 6 week[...]
You know when you haven’t got time to exercise??
Here's a little fitness hack HIIT yourself!! This is a great way to train and save time. I've just got[...]
Back On The BBC – Super Skinny!
Don't miss my BBC appearance where I show Hayley the BEST way to be healthy,  get fit and STAY THAT[...]
Will Today Be Any Different?
Would you consider yourself a Yo-Yo dieter? Some people don't really know the answer to this, but if each week[...]

​Sign Up For My FREE 5 Step GUIDE

Sign Up For My FREE 5 Step GUIDE

​How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?