Boost Your Confidence and Reach Your Fitness Goals With the 28 Day Body Confidence Project

Discover How I can Help You Reach Your Goals and Make 2023 Your Happiest, Healthiest and Most Confident Year Ever By Clicking Below

Boost Your Confidence and Reach Your Fitness Goals With the 28 Day Body Confidence Project

Discover How We can Help You Reach Your Goals and Make 2023 Your Happiest, Healthiest and Most Confident Year Ever By Clicking Below

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Why Start Your 2023 Transformation Journey With The 28 Day Body Confidence Plan?

Quick and Effective 20 Min Workout Sessions

GET QUICKER RESULTS from your workouts as you follow Tara's guidance and know exactly what to do at each session to help you get the best toning & defining results.

Expert Nutrition Coaching and Guidance

Discover how to achieve your weight loss goals without restricting or fad diets. You'll improve your relationship with food, learn to trust yourself and eliminate food guilt & demonising food whilst knowing exactly what to eat to get the best results.

Support and Accountability

Our community is non-judgmental, friendly, and always willing to offer encouragement and support. You'll be able to connect with the other girls and share your progress, struggles, and triumphs, creating a sense of camaraderie and accountability.

Meet Your  New Transformation Coach


If you're a woman who wants to make the best possible start to 2023 when it comes to your health and fitness and finally stick to the goals you promise yourself every year then you've come to the right place.

My Name is Tara and I specialise in helping Ladies get fitter, stronger and slimmer.  My 28 Day Body Confidence Plan will help you transform your body, habits and mindset helping you reach your goals and keep them!

Over the coming weeks I'll help you get started on your 2023 health and fitness journey and  show you how can easily get in great shape, lose weight and boost confidence.

Check Out Some Of The Incredible Girls Who Have Transformed Their Lives With The Life Transformer Plan


"I've achieved everything I dreamed of and I'm never going back"

 “I've achieved more than l ever thought possible. I'm amazed at the way l look and feel and l love this version of myself. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before. My sleep and stress levels have improved hugely too. I have a zest for life and for new adventures in my 50s. What l'm truly grateful for is finding Tara and having the support and inspiration of the girlies who will be lifelong friends. I’ve lost over 4 stone in the last 2 years...gone from a size 18-20 down to a 10-12




Before joining Tara's plan I couldn't decide between new hair extensions or my weight loss dreams. I chose my dream and I'm so happy. I love how simple it's been to make small changes to my day and see such a dramatic change in my body and confidence. I'm loving the plan and keeping going! xx

Sarah Watts, 50,



I have lost 2stone and developed consistent daily habits that have made me, stronger and fitter from the regular exercise. I have more energy. I’ve dropped a dress size and now I enjoy choosing and wearing clothes to suit my new shape

Whats Included in The 28 Day Body Confidence Programme

  • Live & On Demand Workouts - Never miss a workout with our smart approach to exercise. Join in live where Tara will guide & motivate you or catch up with on demand fitness videos you can stream at the most convenient time for you in the comfort of your own home.
  • Delicious Inspiring Meal Ideas - Access to Tara's complete recipe collection which shows you how to make quick, easy, nutritious meals that taste delicious, help you reach your goals and minimal mess! 7 Day Menu guides are also available to help you with structure and balance.
  • Binge & Emotional Eating Support - With Tara's expert guidance and understanding on the psychology around food you'll be supported to overcome binge & emotional eating to give you freedom around food and improve your physical & mental health.
  • 4 Live Coaching Sessions Per Week - Get the best guidance from Tara with weekly topics, ask questions, get clarity on what you need to do and understand how to make long term change and never go back to old habits that don't work.
  • Private Facebook Group - Become part of the community and receive daily support from the Life Transformer girls in the private Facebook support group and feel like part of a team to help keep you motivated and inspired.

Ready to Make 2023 The Year You Change Your Body, Your Habits & Your Confidence?

Places on our 28 Day Body Confidence Programme are strictly limited.

Don't miss out!

Join our supportive community and make 2023 your healthiest yet.