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I’ve always considered myself fit and healthy, however, after getting in touch with Tara and having her support and advise I can’t believe the difference in such a short space of time. I was so busy looking after my family and feeling stressed from launching a new salon. Tara helped me not only lose weight, but to get structure in my days, eat better, sleep better and I honestly don’t think I would have managed the last year without Tara and her plan.



I was acutely ill with an inoperable embolised Brain aneurysm. When I found out, my world stopped. I had a stressful but rewarding 30 year career and ran marathons. Now 50 and only the menopause to look forward to I followed the expect medical advice to rest and avoid stress, so I sat on the sofa eating crap and held a pity party in my head.

May 2017 by chance I watched a podcast by Tara Hammett and followed her on line programmes. With the non judgmental, unconditional support from Tara and the amazing girls in the group I slowly came out from under my rock. So many things I love about this programme. It’s fun, holistic approach, mind, body and soul.

2 stone 8lb and 35inches lost and I’ve gained so much.

I’m getting my confidence back and even did a Burlesque course resulting in a debut performance on stage. I only took a pair of gloves off but it was so empowering. I believe that following the Transformer lifestyle has literally saved my life.



I’ve tried many diets, but always believed I would never deprive myself. I would regularly go out for meals and order deep fried brie, lasagne chips & garlic bread, dessert and a bottle of wine. Then one day I saw a photo of me in a wedding. I knew I needed to do something. I followed Tara, joined her plan and I have now completely changed my body and lifestyle. I could never imagine being the way I was before. I’ve lost weight, I still enjoy life’s luxuries, I have more energy than ever and I love being part of the group with the girls. I’m a Life Transformer forever!



I didn’t have the guts to share my before photo, until I did my after photo in my dress. I wanted to go wedding dress shopping, but didn’t like how I looked or felt. After joining Tara’s 6 week body plan. I kept myself accountable every day, followed the easy steps to do and I can’t believe the difference. This is just the beginning of my journey and I’m already feeling better than ever.

Discover The 5 Daily Success Principles Behind My Ladies “Life Transformer” Program

Discover The 5 Healthy Habits & Success Principles Behind My Ladies “Life Transformer” Program

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