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PODCAST: Stuck in a rut?
Just a quickie to let you know this weeks podcast is out Click HERE to listen This week we talk[...]
Don’t do it…they’ll think you’re VAIN
Did you watch my video last night? Click that link. I was having a LIVE chat on Facebook and[...]
FINAL CHANCE: 21 Day Programme News
ME Lou The Life Taransformer 6 week girlies and The 21 day team are getting ready. Today is prepping and[...]
Where’s that dress you love?
You got it in your wardrobe? An outfit that you used to be able to fit into, felt lovely in[...]
The Girl That Didn’t Want It Enough
#1 WOWZERS I've got many to get back to today about the 6 week programme (with 3 free), so that's[...]
21 Day Programme Freebie
Ok So you're still looking to change. Still trying to exercise regularly Still trying to eat healthy Still trying to[...]
One word…..CELLULITE 🙁
  GUTTED!! You look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of that unsightly orange peel skin. You sit crosslegged[...]
Best to do this now…
Like TODAY We've opened up the Detox Week and the girls are all introducing themselves and prepping ready for Monday.[...]
How to un-idiot yourself
I'm just being an idiot Lol That's what one of the girls said on our coaching call yesterday. She's not[...]
Imperfect? Constant Failure?
We're all guilty of it. Beating ourselves up Too worried to do things in fear of looking stupid Constant failure[...]
Lost 34lbs and 36 inches
That's Sarah's results. She actually asked me Tuesday night That's Sarah's results. She actually asked me Tuesday night "Am I doing[...]
Shopping List For You
Get all these in your cupboards Just thought I'd share this shopping list with you today. I was on a[...]
7 Day Cook Off Challenge??
🍳🍳 READY FOR THE 7 DAY COOK OFF CHALLENGE? 🍳🍳 We kick off Monday. TODAY....plan your meals from the recipe[...]
Last Day For Your Freebies
....Yep, final chance. You can get your hands on all 4 of my recipe eBooks FREE along with the BRAND NEW[...]
8 Hours To Go
..Then the COOK OFF challenge. 7 days Up for it? So like the 7 habits challenge we did, I'm gonna[...]
Get Shakes, Get STARVING
How about this..... You give me £22 each month for 2 years and we never catch up? That's a good[...]
3 Days left…
Image ....until my offer for you to grab my 4 recipe books is gone. Many of you have taken advantage[...]
Can you bend over to paint your toenails?
Emma's lost 18lbs, now she can do it! Can you believe the difference. Emma is like a completely different person.[...]
I’m gonna solve your PROBLEM
Is this you? Too busy to make my seminars? Too busy to focus on losing weight? WISH you had the[...]
Are you one of these people..... "I really want to lose weight, but I just love my food too much!"[...]