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Diet drinks – can you drink them?

Hiya!Listened to this weeks podcast yet?If not…here’s the link week we’re talking about: Weight loss slowing down and how to speed it up again Can we drink Diet fizzy drinks? How to improve your sleep – do you struggle with the quality of your sleep, how much you get and how you feel in the […]

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Are you ok?

Hey,Did you know it’s World Mental Health Day?I know today a lot of people may be more mindful about mental health, what they’ve been through themselves and what others may be going through. It’s great that awareness is being raised and I do hope more people learn that it’s ok not to be ok and […]

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Ask me

Hiya,This is a quick one today as I want you to reply to me I’m recording this weeks podcast in the studio and wanted some questions to answer, so what would you like to ask and know the answer to.Ask anything!It can be about motivation,food, exercise,happiness,struggles,……anything you’re confused about, want to know more about just […]

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Podcast: How to beat the weight loss plateau

Hey,Want to know about1) How to kickstart weight loss again when you seem to be stuck on a weight loss plateau2) Meal ideas if you’re bored of eating the same thingPlus listen to Badgers story about 3am digital pressure cooker purchases!!Click here to listen now:CLICK HERE FOR PODCASTThis is what you need to do:Get your […]

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What did you have for breakfast ?

Healthy Breakfast

HeyThe start of another new week AND it’s October!What did you have for breakfast this morning?Have you had a healthy start to your week?On Instagram the other day, I saw one of my friend post a photo of her breakfast at her desk in work……..A KIT KAT CHUNKY!Clearly I messaged her with a few eye […]

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GIGANTIC chocolate buttons in bed

GIGANTIC chocolate buttons

I caved and ate those GIGANTIC chocolate buttons in bed last night.We all do itAre you (say yes) going to make a plan today and be productive? It’ll take 15 mins of your day. You CAN find that time (or find some excuses)It’s important to do some planning today It’s your focus Your clarity Your […]

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