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THE formula for losing weight

Let’s just keep it SIMPLE So this week I made this super easy, fast, cheap meal at home Cajun Chicken & Veg As you’ll see it may not be the prettiest meal BUT after I posted it in the 6 week body plan group (I share all my meals in there for the girls to follow), […]

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You Can Do This!!

How did you start you Monday morning? Nothing like the first proper Monday back in routine to get you motivated to do something. This morning was HARRRRRD though. Danny had me up during the night with some teething troubles,  I fell back asleep at 5:15 with my alarm due at 6am Falling back asleep was […]

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My Transformation One Year On

A year ago today Danny was due….he didn’t come for another 8 days, which turned out perfect as we weren’t ready for him to turn up with loads of workmen in the house. So here I am one year on. This year has been my most challenging yet. My gorgeous boy coming into my life, […]

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Beat The Emotional Eating Battle

Just WOW!! Check out what Angela said about her success in the 6 week plan: “My loss was 10.5lbs and 20 inches…including 4 from my waist and 4 off my mum tum! My biggest gain was battling emotional eating. I learnt how to enjoy food rather than be controlled by guilt. If I wanted a […]

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Realistically what’s your goal?

 Are you still looking to lose weight What would you realistically like to achieve in 6 weeks? I’ve had so many..”What do you get in the 6 week plan?” questions, that I made this video for you to watch and find out Watch it and let me know if you think you’re ready. Or […]

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Great News!!

Two its of great news actually…and a fab story 1) I’m not in plaster – woo hooo….Dr said I’ve just got to be careful for a few weeks and do some exercises once my swelling has gone down – YES SIR!!! 2) The 6 week body plan is now open. If you want to join in with […]

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