Bored of miracle, transformation promises? - Tara Hammett

Bored of miracle, transformation promises?

Getting a bit bored of seeing unrealistic 'Transforming bodies testimonials' popping up on your newsfeed.

Only just before I got my little typing fingers going, there was a comparison photo on my face book newsfeed. A fantastic transformation, granted, but all with the promise of getting there quickly and effortlessly (the after photo was great; she'd clearly been training hard and lifting heavy to achieve her awesome new curves and rock hard abs!)

'I bought 2 items and look at me now!'

'New diet burns belly fat'

'I got a firm flat tummy in 30 days....I followed this 1 simple method...'

The thing is, what those ads don't tell you is just by simply buying the newest, coolest 'diet', 'pill', 'workout gear' won't automatically get you the results.

You can't buy it and just wake up a few days later as if tinkerbell has been tucking you up in bed every night and working her magic!

There'll be hard work, sacrifice, moments when your will power may feel like it's in the pits.

I'm sure you've looked at many testimonial pictures and thought - I'm gonna have that!

And you can - but remember there aren't any short cuts.

You have to be ready to put the effort in and work for those amazing results.

So before you click on an ad again let's get some basics straight. There are no magic pills and no secret shortcuts! Simple!

What you will need the right mindset, you need to be consistent, you need to stay motivated, you'll need great support, you'll need the right tools and the right information.

Check out how my real life TARAnsformers changed their lifestyles:

After just one 21 day TARAnsformation programme, Sharon melted fat and the results are clear.

Sacha lost 5 stone over 18 months and hasn't looked back since joining in the programme last year.

There are many more incredible stories and this could be you.

The TARAnsformation programme will load you with the best tools to make that change you desire.

12 minute fat melting home workouts

Amazing meals made with real food for all the family that will support your goals


A whole team of people to support you EVERY SINGLE DAY of your journey....

...oh and me!!

So before that bright, new, shiny, miracle catches your eye again. Think!

If it seems too good to be true - it probably is (and will end up in your 'miracle pills & potions cupboard' gathering dust with the others you've bought over the years!)

If you have any health & fitness questions, please do get in touch!

Keep fit & fab!


  • August 27, 2013