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Tracey’s Story

Hi my name is Tracy and I am one of Tara’s BBC taransformationtroop.  I was thrilled to be asked to be a guest blogger for Tara and decided I wanted to talk about something that I really struggle with MOTIVATION.

At the start of any fat burning life changing project if you are anything like me you are all gung ho and I can take over the world. For a while it definitely feels like you


can do anything but as you get further into your journey it becomes harder and I find myself making excuses, but I call them reasons to avoid exercise and the rightnutrition. For example work is too busy, I have too much to do that I simply can’t fit it in. I’m too tired to cook clean. These excuses are exactly the same as I used to make before I met Tara.

So how do you get the motivation back and keep it going?  At first I was lost and didn’t know how to get back on track but then I remembered the reason I started my journey in the first place and looked at how far I had come.  That give me the boost I needed to brush off the cobwebs and start again.


Write down why you want to change your life and use it as a daily mantra.

I started talking to friends, family and Tara to ask for help.  They all said that they had noticed my motivation was dropping and were glad to help give me a boost.

Tip 2

Have a support network or a workout buddy.  People who can help you stay on track and listen to your worries or give you the kick up the butt to get to the gym.

Tip 3

Set mini goals.  This is especially important if you have a long way to go on your journey. When I started I had eight stone to lose. Daunting isn’t it. But I have broken it down into mini goals of half a stone at a time.

Finally, Tip 4

Reward yourself when you meet a mini goal but not with food or drink.  Take yourself to the cinema, buy some new clothes or just treat yourself for a job well done.

I know you can all find your own motivation to keep you going until you succeed on your journey.  Be fit and fabulous as Tara would say.  Tracy xx

Tara Hammett