I’ve had 2 exciting nominations! :-) | Tara Hammett

I’ve had 2 exciting nominations! :-)

What an exciting couple of weeks it’s been!
Firstly, I found out that
I’ve been shortlisted into the Top 6 UK Personal Trainer of the Year Shortlist with the National Fitness Awards!!
Last week I found out that I’ve made the shortlist of 3 for the
Lifestyle Business Award in the Swansea Bay Business Life and South Wales Evening Post 2013 Women in Business Awards.
To say I’m over the moon is an understatement!
OMG! :-D
I’m so excited!!
The Women in Business Awards is on Friday 4th October in Swansea. I know a few of the ladies also shortlisted for other categories and they are incredible! That room is going to be full of inspirational women.
And my guest…..one of the most inspirational, supportive, driven, beautiful, funny (well very often I’m laughing at her rather than with her as I love playing tricks on her! Ha!)…..My Mother! Awwwwww!
Then, I’ll be going along to an awards ceremony in Manchester on Friday 6th December with a whole host of other fitness professionals celebrating fantastic success.
Yay – a night of glitz & glamour!
I was lucky enough to be shortlisted last year too and the ceremony was incredible, so I’m super excited for the night and to meet up with some lovely friends in the industry.
I must say a massive THANK YOU for all the support I’ve had over the last year. It’s the support from people like YOU that fuels my passion. I feel like the luckiest girl to have the most amazing job in the world!
I feel so blessed!
You’re probably very well aware that health & wellbeing is a major passion of mine and to be able to have a wonderful career that helps people feel amazing, well…..(I say this daily) there is no wonder I’m always smiling and happy!
And to be recognised with these nominations….wowzers…it’s AMAZEBALLS!!
This year has been fantastic.
The TARAnsformation programme has seen incredible growth as each month goes by. We’ve had awesome TARAnsformers from Australia, Singapore, Dubai, France, Spain, USA, Ireland and of course all over the UK! I can’t wait to help even more people TARAnsform their lives in the future. The testimonials and success stories speak for themselves.
(You can join me on the TARAnsformation programme next in October! Registration is open now! www.taransformation.com )
Also, my most recent project has been working with an AMAZING team from the BBC filming a TV programme with 6 wonderful people ‘Tara’s Troop’, who work in the DVLA. This has been one of the best experiences of my life! These guys have literally blown me away with how they have embraced the information I have given them and turned their lifestyles around.
I took on the project with the role of being the most positive, inspirational and motivational person to enter their lives and help them live better. I was going in to do my job. Never would I have imagined that the troop would have affected me and touched my heart as much as they did. They have shown real courage and strength with different experiences that life has thrown at them and I admire them so much for what they have achieved. I couldn’t be more proud!
The programme will be on TV in October and as soon as I know more I will certainly be letting you know!
So, again….THANK YOU!!
This certainly calls for CELEBRATION!!
Here is what I’m going to do….
I’m going to be sending everyone that follows me a series of FREE workout videos that you can do at home.
(If you know someone that would love these videos too or you haven’t subscribed to my site……subscribe on the link here to make sure you don’t miss out!)
It’s my THANK YOU to you!!
So every morning you can wake up with me, do your workout and feel epic for the rest of the day.
Don’t forget to check your inbox for these workouts and let me know how you get on with them!
Here’s to getting Fit, Fab & Shortlisted!! :-D
Tara xx
p.s I’ve got some more very exciting news coming up….It will be landing in your inbox in a few weeks x

Tara Hammett