The scariest session so far! - Tara Hammett

The scariest session so far!

I’ve been standing up in front of groups and crowds taking classes, holding seminars and giving presentations, for over a decade and by now you’d think that I’d be quite at ease with it.

Until recently……………..

I was asked if I would go along to a local school to speak about the benefits of healthy eating to children!

And in usual Tara fashion, I instantly said yes!!

Then I thought about it….

OMG, what had I signed myself up for!?!?!

But, you have to try something new and as I say very often…If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

(Or one of my other fav’s is ‘scare yourself once a day!’)

Ok, I wasn’t that scared, but I was a little apprehensive. Surely they’re not all going to go crazy around me and I’ll look a bit like Arnie in Kindergarten Cop?!?!?

Anyway, I got to the school and the children had been told a little bit about me and what I do so they knew to expect a good lesson in health & wellbeing.

And I started the class….

After a quick intro, I gave them question time:

” Are you famous?” “Are you on YouTube?” “Are you going on TV?”

Ha…not very fitness based but it was a No, Yes and Yes..

“When are you on TV?”

So I gave the Date

“That’s my birthday…….”

For the next 2 minutes they all told me when their birthday was, not going to plan so far but cute & funny.

So I had to switch my teacher head on and take control and at this point it was time to do what I do best, get them moving.

After a few questions on healthy eating and exercise it was action time. A few squats, star jumps and jogging on the spots later, it wasn’t long before they were all breathless and quieter.

(ha 1-0 to Tara)

And before I knew it, I’d actually gone a few minutes over time. I really enjoyed myself, and based on the happy, smiling faces afterwards, I think they did too.

So I may have to try this a bit more. I think I can see myself working through a few generations helping to spread some health & fitness love. It’s so important to educate children and the parents on a healthy lifestyle.

I wonder what the rules are about pouncing on the parents in the school yard too???

So look out schools & parents, I may be doing more rounds!

Keep fit & fab

Tara ‘children love me’ Hammett x

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  • September 20, 2013