Kalola's Story - Tara Hammett

Kalola’s Story

Back in May a message went out through the dvla, asking for volunteers to take part in a Documentary about health and wellbeingIMG_4395
in the workplace with BBC WALES. Having worked in a sedentary job at the dvla for 13 years my health had suffered
due to gaining a lot of weight, i had had problems with my knees which had lead to partial knee replacements in both knees, i was in a lot of pain
and needed to get the weight off, so i thought i would take the opertunity and apply to take part. I didn’t expect to be chosen,
but to my surprise i was one of the lucky 6 who was chosen to take part..
After the initial health exam at the start of the programme, i was extremely shocked to find my weight had exceded 18 stone,
i was mortified, but determined to do something about it.
The beginning of June the filming started, we had intense workouts in the lunchtimes along with other forms of exercise from White Water
Rafting, dancing with Vincent and Flavia to Abseiling down the DVLA building, which i must admit was the most exciting thing i have ever done.
The weight dropped off me so quickly, one week i lost 13lb which came as a huge shock, but i felt more motivated than ever.
Tara was so motivating and inspiring, you couldnt help getting caught up in her enthusiasm for health and nutrition, it was very infectious.
After the four weeks of filming had finished, we had a final health exam and i was happy to know i had lost 2 stone 6lb, the biggest loser, i was so happy but in shock, as i hadn’t realised how much weight i had lost and in such a short time
It was time to go it alone, a bit nerve racking at first but i put to good use the advise that Tara had given us regarding nutrition and exercise, and carried on.. I bought myself a bike to use on the seafront, i have a crosstrainer at home which i use regularly, and i am attending exercise classes at work along with some colleagues..  Although i have downed my
exercise regime to 3 times a week, i have still managed get my weight down to 4 stone loss.. which i am more than happy with, i feel so much better, and more confident. My goal
is to lose another stone and see where i go from there.
I don’t know what would have happened to me if i hadn’t taken advantage of this oppertunity, i will be forever grateful for being given the chance to turn my life around.
Thank you Tara and the BBC for choosing me
  • October 6, 2013