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The Winning Spa Day

Winning Spa Day

When was the last time you made some time for you?
Took some time out to relax and enjoy?
Yesterday I took Karen on a lovely Spa day.
She'd not treated herself to anything like this since forEVER
A busy working mum, grandmother & wife.
What she did do recently (and is still doing now) is some hard work on herself.

  • She joined in with the 6 week challenge,
  • made time to do her 12 min home workouts regularly,
  • prep simple, healthy food (that hubby actually likes)
  • lost weight & inches and
  • supported & joined in with the other girls in the plan.

And her reward was a spa day with me.
It was so lovely taking time away from the usual busy Monday and spend it in a big fluffy robe,
having a swim & jacuzzi, a facial & massage, some lovely food for lunch and lots & lots & lots of talking.
We virtually knew each other, but yesterday was lovely getting to really know each other. I think we're actually best friends for life after all the stories and secrets we told 😉
The main thing is, Karen enjoyed and not only did she win the spa day but she is continuing to win at life.
She's feeling happier,
healthier and STILL doing all the things each day which are helping her to reach her goals.
One area we focus on in the plan is making sure we take time out for ourselves
"fit your own oxygen mask first" <<< Heard it many times.
We look after the battery on our mobile phone more than ourselves.
Too much emphasis is put on
Workout more
Try and eat less and stress about something coming up that might involve food.
Sort all the home chores & family responsibilities
Surviving each day on minimal sleep, maximal coffee and hoping the kids (or dogs) don't push you over the edge (lol)
In theory, taking time out sounds simple - but so many struggle to do it.
This week in the plan we're focusing on sleep.
Working on a routine to have more chill time
Drift off easier
Wake up feeling more refreshed.
It's not something that's going to change overnight,
but like anything - when you take it a day at a time,
try your best and make a deliberate effort the results will come.
If you need to take more time out, feel less stressed, have more energy, try just some simple things for you:

  • 1
    plan a relaxing bath with epsom salts, some candles and a lock on the door.
  • 2
    get to bed earlier and switch everything off
  • 3
    book a spa day and take time out for a few hours
  • 4
    ASK FOR HELP - someone can look after your family if need be for an hour or so for you to spend some time with you.
  • 5
    try a yoga or meditation class (you can get some amazing ones on youtube to do at home)
  • 6
    join in my plan today - you can do all the things Karen & the girls are doing and start feeling healthier, lose weight, less guilt (and be a better person to be around) CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Thankfully - it's not all 'GO HARD OR GO HOME'

I'm a massive fan of 'GO HOME.......AND RELAX' too.

Balance things
Stop thinking so hard all the time
Don't forget to chill and just do you once in a while

  • August 21, 2018