It’s not a good time for this….. - Tara Hammett

It’s not a good time for this…..

Have you been putting anything off recently ?

There'll never be the perfect time to do things.

I'm doing it myself

Almost every single day I get asked the question "When are you going to have another baby?"

We'd love a little brother or sister for Danny one day,
however I've got big plans for my business...that being said, I'm not getting any younger either. Doh!

There never will be the perfect time.

We all want things to go perfectly, so we tell ourselves that we'll get started when the conditions are right.

I'll start exercising when....
I'll get back on the diet after....

For the rest of your life I really hope you'll always have something coming up:

  • a holiday
  • a party
  • a birthday
  • a hen do
  • a wedding.... anything to look forward to.

But don't go using these as as excuse to not get started.

Making the decision to put things off is a decision to stay the same

If you're happy with everything - great

But if you want to improve, feel better and be happier - get out of your comfort zone.

Accept things for how they are right now
Decide if you're going to make today a great day and take action towards the better you.

Don't let anything get in the way of what you have to do for yourself

So, today...why not make the decision to join me in the next 6 week body plan.

One of the girls who joined up yesterday is actually getting married in 6 weeks time and she wants to feel the best she can - I'm 100% going to make sure she stays so motivated and excited about the next few weeks as her wedding gets nearer.

I will do the same for you too. ME, you and a group of fab girls who want to improve themselves.

You ready?

Click here to join in today

Today is the perfect day!

Tara Hammett