None of this is easy -

None of this is easy

Yesterday I went along to visit two lovely ladies for another quick & easy cookery lesson.
What we did was super simple, but it's not easy if you don't know how to do it.
It's like with anything.
Knowing what food to eat for health is hard, unless you know.
Doing the right exercise for your goals is hard, unless you know.
Learning how to control improve your mindset is hard, unless you know.
Asking for help is hard, until you do it and learn it's ok.
So, we planned to make some pancakes (banana ones and protein ones) and some scrambled tofu.
All things the girls had seen me post photos of but looked at them and thought they'd be hard to do and take up too much time.
Soon enough, they discovered these were so easy to do and suitable for a 4 year old and 2 year old to eat, they were amazed.
Too much overthinking is done about how simple living a healthy plan is. You've just got to try one thing, see how it goes then try again.
Thankfully the pancakes and scrambled eggs were a success and now the girls have some new meals they know they can do and enjoy in addition to the smoothies, chilli, ratatouille and breakfast muffins we've made so far.
Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard and one thing the girls love in my plan is that they are learning to let go of the guilt around food.
Emma went out over the weekend, celebrating with her family and for the first time since ever, she just let go,
enjoyed, survived a hangover and got back to it the next day. Wouldn't it be amazing to feel totally free of all the drama around food & drink and to actually relax about it.
Tonight on my Facebook & Instagram I'm going to share a video explaining the basics you need to prepare meals, what you should include and when to eat, don't miss it!
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  • August 29, 2018