5 Simple Tips to Kick Your Bum into Shape - Tara Hammett

5 Simple Tips to Kick Your Bum into Shape

5 simple tips to kick your bum into shape

“Tara, how do I get my bum like yours?” is a question I am often asked, which has inspired to give you my top 5 easy bum defining exercises that will lift, shape, and tone your fabulous peach.

With the following exercises, it is important to use heavy weights, which should be gradually increased over time as you become used to them. That way, your bum will be forced to get into shape. Oh yes, don’t fear the weights ladies. I promise, it’s the best thing you could ever do if you want real body change success!

1. Squat

Standing upright with feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back and down, core muscles engaged. Whilst holding on to your dumbbells, squat down, push your hips back, keep your back straight and ensure your knees do not go over your toes. It can help if you imagine you are sitting down onto a low chair. Go as low as you can with good form and return to the original position, pushing up from the heels. Repeat.

2. Good Mornings

Standing upright, feet hip-width apart, keep your legs straight, core engaged and shoulder back and down. Hold dumbbells out in front as you bend at the hips, lowering the dumbbells to the ground, following your own range of movement and always ensuring that you keep your core strong and back straight. Slowly lift back up to your original position and repeat. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

3. Side Lunge Jumps

Start with your right foot centre to the body and the left foot out to the side. Keeping core strong, take a dumbbell down to the right foot whilst bending the knee and taking your hips back. Power up through the heel of your right foot and swap foot positions so the left foot is now central and the right foot is out to the side. With each movement, ensure you reach your dumbbell down to your foot and bring the opposite hand up to your shoulder. Always keep good form and ensure your back is straight and core strong throughout.

4. Lunges

Stand upright, feet hip width apart, shoulders back and down, core engaged. Take a long step forward with one leg, slowly lower body down bending front knee, ensuring it doesn’t go over your toes. Bend your back knee simultaneous taking it down towards the ground. Slowly lift back up and step back to original position. Repeat on opposite side.

5. Skater Squat

Stand with feet hip width apart, shoulders back and down and weights in hand. Squat down keeping core strong, taking hips back and bending at the knees. Stand back up then take your right foot behind you and to the left as you lunge down. Push up through the heel of your left leg, to return back to original start position. Repeat the squat again, then take the skater movement to the opposite side. Repeat.

So there you have it, my 5 top bum defining exercises. You can combine all 5 exercises and create your very own bum toning workout. I would recommend doing this workout, or a similar workout at a minimum of twice times a week. This will boost your bum results and get you the perfect peach you deserve.

To Bum-finity and beyond!



  • December 3, 2019