[Gift 1] The BEST way to start your day to lose weight -

[Gift 1] The BEST way to start your day to lose weight

6 week weight loss diet meals


Today is Day 1 of my Christmas ‘2019 Weight Loss Plan’ gifts for you. 

I’m thinking ahead to how you’re going to start your 2019. 

You may not have made a weight loss and fitness goal yet, but if you save the gifts I send you over the next 12 days you’ll have a great plan that you can easily start in January. 

If you follow the recipes, workouts and habits for 6 weeks, I guarantee you will have the best start to your New Year weight loss and fitness. 

Today I’m going to start with a breakfast for you to enjoy. 

Hot & Creamy Protein Oats 

I have this every weekday morning. 

It’s healthy, very quick and easy to make (as you’ll see in the video it is done as quick as making a cup of coffee). 

You can have any flavour (chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon, mocha).

It’s high in protein, will keep you full until lunchtime and under 300 calories. 

If you workout, its a brilliant breakfast to have after you’ve exercised and if you don’t work out, it’s still a great breakfast to kick start your day and fill you with energy. 

So, save this information somewhere that you can find it easily and look out tomorrow for your next ‘2019 weight loss plan’ gift from me. 

Have a fabulous day! 


Tara Hammett