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Bored of miracle, transformation promises?

Getting a bit bored of seeing unrealistic ‘Transforming bodies testimonials’ popping up on your newsfeed.Only just before I got my little typing fingers going, there was a comparison photo on my face book newsfeed. A fantastic transformation, granted, but all with the promise of getting there quickly and effortlessly (the after photo was great; she’d […]

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You want to, but you want to know more!

So my final TARAnsformation BB21 Programme is kicking off on Monday 5thAugust and I’m so excited to help get a whole new team of people melting fat, changing body shape, boosting confidence and having fun all the way! The results in the last programme were incredible and I love reading the lovely messages from the TARAnsformers about […]

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Tara, you’re not normal!

Hmmm…that headline may be 100% correct in some aspects, but very often when I’m talking about nutrition (which is a lot), many times I’ve had the ‘you’re not normal’ response. “Tara, what do you eat?” And it’s from there that it begins….. So what is normal nutrition? Real food – Simple! Many people have been […]

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