OFFICIAL: #5 has been chosen! - Tara Hammett

OFFICIAL: #5 has been chosen!

Will #6 be you?
Check out Helene Giffard.
She’s officially  Life TARAnsformer #5
Helene has a big goal…..
She wants to feel confident,
gorgeous, to get in her dress and LOVE IT!
Helene has had a little go herself this year.
She’s lost 9lbs since January, but she’s plodding.
She’s not really achieving what she wants fast enough.
Little things slip in here there and everywhere and she’s
Well…she was until she joined the 21 day programme.
She’s GAINED MORE (Knowledge, confidence and motivation)
She’s LOST MORE (Those pounds are dropping)
But now, she wants to keep on going.
She can’t afford to be looking back on her big day hating her photos,
Wishing she’d done something sooner,
Guilt Free.
Serving herself first.
She is a Life TARAnsformer.
Helene, along with 4 other confirmed TARAnsformers
Will be spending 12 weeks with me helping them achieve their goals.
Each week, I’ll be with the team looking at what they’ve achieved.
Re-assessing goals.
Making it EASIER and in the whole journey,
having fun, making new friends and believing in themselves.
We’re gonna be working hard, lets face it…we all know
 that an effort needs to be made to accomplish great things.
We’ve all got barriers to change,
Monsters we need to face to reach our goals, so
I’m gonna help the team break down the most common
Barriers to change.
(you possibly do this yourself)
is the little slip ups we make regularly.
Given a choice,
many of us choose immediate and
short-term comfort,
over potential long-term benefits,
unless there is a compelling reason to choose otherwise.
For example
You know you shouldn’t have that biscuit,
But you fancy it, so you do.
Instantly gratified,
but yet again getting in the way of you achieving your goals.
You know you should do your workout,
But you chill out in front of the TV and waste time on
Social media instead.
Again….getting in the way of you achieving your goals.
**FREE 12 min TARAnsformer workout every
Thursday at 7am BTW**
BUT sometimes, something crops up that makes you
Determined to get to what you want.
A goal
(Like Helene with her wedding)
So during the 12 week programme, I’m going to be helping Helene and
The team with super strong WILLPOWER with
One of the tools we use to STOP choosing
Comfort over growth and choosing
The dream instead.
How are you going to achieve your dreams over the next 12 weeks or months?
By going alone and plodding?
Or doing what you KNOW will help THIS TIME
Getting what you want.
I’m making my way through the
Applications, and like I’ve said before,
This is only for a limited team of people.
If you want to join the team and
Get on the phone to me
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Don’t forget my 12 min LIVE TARAnsformer workout on Facebook
At 7am every Thursday.
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  • April 14, 2016