Are you:

  • At ROCK BOTTOM because of what you see in the mirror?
  • Sick of nothing ever fitting properly so you hide away in baggy unflattering clothes?
  • Ashamed of your body because of your shape or size?
  • HATE dieting, always feeling hungry and FAIL?
  • Tired of long tedious workouts with boring exercises?
  • Miserable about your weight but have lost all hope that anything will ever work?

If you have answered YES to any of these points then I have one more question for you:


You see I know that you can LOSE WEIGHT, FEEL GORGEOUS, CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE FOREVER and absolutely love it!

Because what you really want is:

  • To look forward to your next holiday wearing that gorgeous new swimsuit that looks absolutely stunning, or go to the Christmas party wearing that sexy little number that fits perfectly.
  • To be seen in photos without cringing, feeling like the 'fat friend' and having the uncontrollable impulse to immediately delete it straight away.
  • To feel confident when talking to people, not worrying about what they might be thinking about your size or shape.
  • To feel sexy naked and have total body confidence and healthy self-esteem.
  • To make eye contact with that person in the mirror and genuinely smile because you are happy, healthy and proud of the amazing and inspiring person staring back at you!

I know you can change your body shape, lose weight AND start feeling fabulous in just 21 days.

You really can smash this!


I’ve helped thousands that were once where you are now and I showed them how to change their body and lifestyle forever. I’ve been there with them, watched them learn, been there when they feel on top of the world because they’re wearing a smaller size.

They feel proud as they become the person they want to be and I’ve been there for them and encouraged them when times get tough.

You see, I’m just like you. I’m busy, I get stressed out, everyone wants a piece of me and I put myself at the bottom of the pile.

Everyone else comes first, demanding my attention and achieving my goals has suffered.

But I know how to get results quickly, juggle healthy eating with a crazy lifestyle and always stay slim. and now….

YOU can have it all and TARAnsform your life too

Here’s how:

  •  Lose weight and tone up with only 12 minutes of exercise – YES, THIS IS POSSIBLE!
  •  Still go out to restaurants, eat your favourite food and not feel hungry or guilty – YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS.
  •  Feel confident and gorgeous as you watch your body change shape in only 21 days - You'll be AMAZED
  •  Be supported every day by people just like you - you are NOT alone

The Time is NOW!
We kick off MONDAY 2​5th September 2017


In the 21 days you’ll get exclusive membership to the TARAnsformation Site and full access to:

  •  12 minute home workouts – so you can tone your whole body quickly, at home, whenever it suits you. For each exercise I also show an easier version so you can work up to the more advanced one at your own pace.
  • Hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats – so you know exactly what to eat and can choose whatever you fancy whilst still losing weight.
  •  Exclusive access to Tara and support from overwhelmed women JUST LIKE YOU.
  •  Inspirational videos, shopping list and meal plans so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and feel MOTIVATED all the way.
  •  Access to a private Facebook group so you can get encouragement and support from the group, along with accountability (as well as showing off yours tasty meals and post workout pics!)

But hurry...places are filling up fast.Stop wishing your life away, take action NOW and become the person you really want and deserve to be! But don't just take my word for it.

Check out these inspiring TARAnsformers success stories:

5 yrs ago, I was flicking through the next catalogue looking for new clothes for my family annual holiday, but the clothes I liked and wanted I knew wouldn't fit me. This was an all to common feeling for me and something that always used to get me down in the dumps almost to the point of pure despair. Yes I was a mother of 2 fabulous children, yes I was a wife who was told how great I looked no matter what, but inside of me that simply wasn’t good enough. I didn’t feel the same, I wasn’t happy with myself, and I certainly didn’t feel I looked great. It was then I decided I wanted to change.

At this point I wasn't really interested in fitness at all, I mean exercise! When would I have the time to exercise? I am employed full time in a very demanding job, a mother of 2 children, 3 if you include my hubby as most married women will know! All I wanted to do was lose weight and look and feel good, and so after a very in depth and detailed discussion with Tara she came up with a plan. This was the best thing I've ever done as it put me directly onto my weight loss journey. From there my life’s journey began.

Results started to happen almost immediately losing pounds pretty much weekly and at a steady pace, but as time went on this inevitably started to slow down. It was then I knew that fitness needed to come in to it, and I was now ready for this challenge. In Tara I knew she would be able to push me when I found it hard, and praise me when I achieved the goal set. I joined Tara’s 21 day online program with 12 minute workouts. These were simple & effective that could be done at home in-between work and family life and it was part of a group of women and men who were the same as me and wanted the same results.

This was brilliant and, so ideal for someone like myself as the workouts, meal plans, educational videos and support that I needed were all in one place whenever I wanted them. As of that very first day, I never looked back. The challenges not only helped me in getting fit but it also educated me in food, and made me understand what my body wants and needs a lot better. It was fitness, but it was fun also. The help and motivation has been so much more than I expected, and for all those who have completed the program, we have become a little family of friends who encourage and motivate each other on a daily basis. I needed to change my life, and the TARAnsformation programs did just that. I now have the life & confidence I once dreamed of. Once you become a TARAnsformer, you won’t look back.

Sacha x

Sacha Hammett-George Has lost over 6 Stone

“I was introduced to the Taransformation program having watched a friend’s posts on Facebook – she was in Singapore. When I saw her holiday photos I was convinced that the posts were not all about numbers and noise! She really had lost cm’s and kg’s and did look amazing. Getting in touch with Tara I was a little nervous about what to expect but once I purchased the essentials – coconut oil, whey and seeds – I could add these to everyday kind of foods. The recipes are great and the shopping list takes the thought out of it for you making it super easy to get what you need and prepare.

Working out for a short burst was intense but invigorating. The SMILE support group is the icing on the cake so to speak – we encourage, share ideas and ultimately keep each other accountable. The results I have now had across 2 x 21 day programs – 33cm gone and nearly 6kg off my weight – are nothing short of astounding. Doing a 21 day program is so much more sustainable with a busy lifestyle. Even more rewarding is that my family are now enjoying the meals! Friends and family now notice my weightless and changing body shape and i have to attribute this to the Taransformation program. Education, inspiration and support – 21 days – it really is a lifestyle change – not a diet”

Sally Anne-Carey Taransformer Australia

I joined Tara Hammetts detox and 21 day programme because I wanted to lose weight and gain confidence - ultimately those were my primary goals.I achieved so much more than I ever expected.

Tara Hammett helped me by accepting me on the detox and 21-day programme.The clear and concise format made it easy for me to prepare and make delicious meals, provided workouts to improve my fitness and also the amazing support from Tara and the Facebook group to keep me on track to achieve my goals.

The result was AMAZING I lost 9lb and 7.5 inches from all over my body in 4 weeks.One thing I especially liked were the 12 minute workouts ,as a working mum I find it hard to make time to exercise so these were ideal for me .

I found the experience inspiring and life changing.I would recommend Tara Hammett’s TARAnsformation programmes to people who want and need to change their lifestyle, to be able to achieve their goals of healthy eating, fitness and fabulousness.

Heather x

Heather Meadway TARAnsformer, UK

I first joined Tara's programmes in June 2014.

I had enough of feeling unhealthy, lethargic to embarrassed to go to the beachand even too embarrassed to allow my husband to see me naked.

I took the first 21-day challenge and lost almost a stone and quite a few inches. I continued to lose inches throughout the year.When Christmas came it got hard in work and I caved and went back to my old ways.

I literally lived on rubbish food and energy drinks.Stopped drinking my 2 litres of water a day and put some of my weight back on.

I mainly put fat on and not actual weight.

So I thought something had to change. I have a lot coming up in 2015 and thought I would apply for the Life TARAnsformer programme, that way I HAVE to stick to my decisions and make it work.

So I also signed up to a half marathon, which is in March.I have continued to do the HIIT workouts and training for the half marathon.I have started my photography course, which I had been promising myself to do for over a year.

I made more family time and made more of a divide between work and home, which has had such a positive affect on all aspects of my life. I find myself advising others on what to eat or how to train and recommending Tara on the way.I have lost (as of Feb 2015) 18.5 inches and I am due to measure tomorrow.

Photo attached from the beginning of January for my before photo and beginning of February for my during photo.I have completely changed my ways towards food and life.I even feel comfortable wearing tight dresses now where as before I would have to wear those dreaded suck in pants.

I cannot thank Tara enough for making me healthier, fitter and most of all making myself and my husband bring our spark back.

Rachel Stanley x

Rachel Stanley TARAnsformer, UK

“My name is Sarah,
I’m 41years old,
I have three children, 14, 9 & 6,
a partner, (my 4th child) and
I work three days a week in a specialist teaching facility in a school!

I love my job, it can be stressful at times but I wouldn’t want to do anything else!

My life is pretty hectic!

My eldest son plays basketball locally, nationally and internationally!
I am often out up to four nights a week with him
and on weekends for his training and game playing!
As he plays nationally/internationally we often travel long distances for him to play games,
so fast food used to be a regular thing for us, 3/4 times a week!

My weight has gradually crept up over the years, and since Christmas 2015,
I had reached my heaviest weighing 19 1/2 stone!

I wouldn’t tell anyone how much I weighed, not even my partner!

I have tried many diets over the years,
always lost weight, thought great I can do this now,
and then slowly I’d put it all back on, and more!

In July 2016, a friend of mine told me she was attending
Tara Hammett’s seminar in The Dragon Hotel,
she knew I wanted to lose weight and asked if I wanted to go!

I was away at the time but decided to come home a day early and see what it was all about!

My best decision ever!

After listening to Tara and some of her Taransformers
I decided immediately that I was going to invest in myself for once!

I’d never question spending money investing in my children,
so for once I decided to invest in me!

I booked a place on the Life Taransformer 12 week group, which started on 1st August!

I made notes of my weight and measurements and then started the first week,
which was detox week ( .

I was absolutely dreading it as I hadn’t gone one day without
Coke or coffee for 9 1/2 years
(I tried giving it up while pregnant on my second child but failed miserably)!

I won’t lie, the first week was really hard for me,
for the first two days my head was really fuzzy,
then came the aching!

OMG I thought I was seriously ill!

Tara and Louise kept me going and said it would ease!
I didn’t sleep properly for three nights as my legs were awful,
didn’t know where to put myself!

I was determined not to give in and boy am I glad I didn’t!

After the first week, I’d lost 13.5 pounds and 10 inches!

I couldn’t believe it!

As the weeks went on I continued losing 2/3 lb every week!
And the inches were dropping off too!

But it wasn’t just the weight loss that was beneficial,
the mindset reading we were encouraged to do really helped me change my attitude to life,
and to look at things more positively!

It has improved my family life too,
we now have far more quality time together.

I also used to get migraines regularly, at least one a week,
now I may get one every two months.

The support from everyone in the groups was amazing,
and this is what was so different to anything else I had tried in the past!

The help, support and encouragement is there every day,
not just on weigh day like most groups!

By December 2016 I had lost 53lbs and 50 inches!
12 inches had gone off my waist alone!

I still have just over two stone to get to my target,
but I’m so confident this time that I’ll get there!

I have not stopped doing any of the normal things
i.e. Going away with friends,
eating out,
taking the children for pizza,
enjoyed eating and drinking during the holiday season,
and managed to do all that and still lose weight!

I even managed to climb a mountain, Pen Y Fan,
and that was after I’d lost just two stone!

I’ll be setting myself some new goals for this year,
and know with the support of Tara and Louise and all the girls in the groups that I will reach them!

I’m a taransformer for life now!”

SARAH TARAnsformer, UK

“My story is probably similar to so many others, dieting all my life, off and on.

I’ve tried counting calories,



eliminated food groups,

eating only certain foods,

joined the gym (and probably only went twice)

bought all the gear feeling really motivated, to get a week in (if I was lucky) and for whatever reason, not seen enough weight loss,

felt deprived,

bit down in the dumps,

I’d find whatever else I could use as an excuse,

I would give up.

‘Don’t worry’ I would tell myself,

I’ll have a little treat now and be back on it tomorrow,

tomorrow it would be ‘can’t start on a Thursday, just doesn’t feel right,

wait till Monday’ then eat everything I could get my hands on until Monday.

I wasted years like this until

a friend from school had lost a lot of weight with the help of her sister, Tara Hammett.

I was in awe of what she had done and after a lot of thinking

‘can I justify the money? Will it really work for me ‘

I took the plunge.

I lost so much weight and was looking and feeling fantastic even if I do say so myself,

but as I lost weight the urge to lose weight was getting less and less.

I was 6 stone down and the smallest I had ever been.

But I lost the consistency… I fell back into old habits.

‘Surely I can have this now, I won’t put 6 stone back on from 1 take away or 1 bar of chocolate’.

I also continued alone thinking I could,

I knew what I needed to do,

I don’t need anyone’s help anymore.


So 3 years on and I had put 4 stone back on.

I was feeling really rubbish about myself,

nothing ever looked good on me,

I hid away from my husband,

and was at the point where I thought I would be unhappy all my life.

Until I started taking notice of Tara Hammett’s emails again,

I would read them every day but do nothing,

then I saw a pic of myself my friend had tagged me in on Facebook,

I was so embarrassed of it I quickly untagged myself and

promised myself I wouldn’t see the new year in bigger and unhappier than ever.

So I joined a 21 day challenge again, I can honestly say that day something in me changed.

I got up early, prepped my meals,

got involved in the group and met some amazing people who along with Tara and Louise kept me motivated.

To my surprise I enjoyed it,

I kept records of my weight and inch loss and soon began to feel my clothes get looser,

now I’m not one of these people who enjoy the gym,

or getting a sweat on but it was 12 minutes out of my day and

would be done before the kids even got up for school.

By the time I left for work I would only have my nutrition to worry about.

So I joined another programme,

and another,

I joined the Life Taransformer 10 programme and then the Party SOS Programme,

all along the way meeting new people,

having a laugh,

Making myself ACCOUNTABLE to all these lovely ladies I had met and

getting amazing support from everyone when I needed a whinge and a moan.

So I’m going into the New Year 35lbs lighter,

and 27 inches smaller.

I have gone from a size 22 clothes to a size 16 (I wore a size 14 dress out at Xmas)

and even though I have quite a way to go yet I know this time what I need to do to continue with my success.

I’m now a member of the Inner Circle,

and will be doing some 21 day challenges throughout the year to push myself past what I achieved last time,

I even have my family eating clean meals with me, and my hubby has changed his brekky from his usual 4 weetabix to a smoothie.

This year my plan is to be more active and we are already planning on our first walking adventure,

I love how I can help them to be healthier inside and out.

The biggest change I notice along with my size is how I feel inside,

I’m happier,

more confident and excited about life and

I wouldn’t of had that if I hadn’t taken the plunge and allowed Tara to help me

and for that I will never ever be able to thank her enough.

I’m finally starting to feel like the person I am meant to be.”


Give me just 21 days and
I'll give you the weight loss and CONFIDENCE
you really want to make you
feel SEXIER than you have in years

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​How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?