What you think of this? Just WOW - Tara Hammett

What you think of this? Just WOW


Check out TARAnsformer Sue and her message

she sent me last night.

“Hi Tara,

Wanted to let you know I wore a skirt this week.

First time in years that I have worn one and actually

felt comfortable and not self conscious.

Usually I hide in jeans,

will not go out in anything that shows my legs if I can help it.

This has changed though,

I have lost just over 2 stone by following your lifestyle program.

I feel so much healthier and stronger now.

I’ve been trying to lose weight since I had my oldest son

( he turned 15 yesterday )

tried a number of different programs like weight watchers,

biggest loser and just trying myself.

Stuck to it a while, lost a little bit of weight and then put it back on.

I Finally listened to you in one of your daily emails and

decided I didn’t want another year to pass and be the same weight or heavier.

My other half has diabetes and arthritis.

I don’t want to go down the same route and needed to

make sure I’m able to look after him in later years if necessary.

I love the support the group provides.

Everyone is so friendly and is there if you need them.

The accountability of posting and you and

Louise checking up on us when necessary.

If I haven’t posted or checked what is happening I feel a little lost.

I took the photos recently as needed to see how far I had come.

I didn’t realise how different I looked.

It’s one thing when people are telling you but

actually seeing the results yourself is another.

It blew me away!

Whilst I know I’m only half way to my goal I am so

pleased with the results so far and it drives me on to continue.

I am no longer going out in the dark to exercise in my leggings.

I have the energy and the confidence to go out and

I am following a couch to 5 k plan.

The HIIT workouts have given me the strength to do this

and I can now run a lot longer than I used to.

I look forward to working out rather than dreading it now.

Thanks Tara your advice has been wonderful

and looks like it has finally sunk in ????.

I am looking forward to getting closer to my goal

over the next few months

Sue xxx”

Again – WOW

Sometimes you may feel like you never see the difference

from your hard work and effort.

These pics say it all.

Sue is looking AWESOME and

now she’s not feeling self conscious and is wearing clothes she

never normally wears.

Do you avoid certain clothes

because you don’t feel comfortable in them but

WISH you did?

Have you tried lots of diets, done well

for a while then put it back on?

Are you prepared to let another year pass

staying the same or is it time that

you FINALLY LISTENED to one of my emails?

It all starts with ONE step.

Do something for you, like Sue did.

Sue’s story says it all…

She joined me and will not look back.


^^ Click that link like Sue did and

start TODAY ^^

Keep fit & fab

Tara XX

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  • April 13, 2016