Your FREE Detox Webinar link - Tara Hammett

Your FREE Detox Webinar link

It’s happening
Thursday evening
right after my LIVE 12min TARAnsformer
workout on Facebook, I’m presenting my
TARAnsformer Detox Webinar.
You asked for it
You’re getting it
Click on the link to listen to me share
what YOU need to do to:
De-bloat fast and have a flatter stomach
Sleep better 
Get your NATURAL energy back
Lose up to 9lbs like Sandra
Feel more POSITIVE & Happier!
I’m going to be telling you:
* What foods you should NEVER eat
if you want to lose subborn fat
* WHY you should cut the caffeine
* What to do to burn MORE FAT when you’re NOT exercising
Listen in on Thursday at 7:30pm.
If EVER there was a time for you to
think ‘I CAN DO THIS” – then it is NOW!!
Get your kit on and exercise with me FOR FREE at home
Then – join me in the webinar.
Did I mention this is FREE??
I really want you to get value from my daily emails,
workouts and presentations.
If you DESPERATELY  want to lose weight, like yourself more,
feel more confident and make the change DO THIS!
However….should you make the choice NOT to join in
on Thursday……..It’s probably time to unsubscribe from my emails.
No hard feelings
Just saying
Tara xx
P.S I’m off on hols in 3 weeks and I’m going to
share with you EXACTLY what I’m going to do in the run
up to make sure I feel bikini confident.
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  • April 19, 2016