SECRET GROUP: I'm gonna add you in - Tara Hammett

SECRET GROUP: I’m gonna add you in

The Life TARAnsfomer Group is opening this afternoon
and I’m gonna add you in TODAY.
Meet the rest of the team
Get excited for the next 12 week journey.
IF you think you’re ready for
GUARANTEED results or your money back and
apply today
It will start with intro week,
finding your feet,
making new friends and
setting out your 12 week plan.
The blueprint for your future.
The person you’re going to be for the Summer….
and forever.
around your hips.
Loving eating food that keeps you full and
you become a FOODIE GODDESS
Losing a stone in 12 weeks like Charley did.
Losing 21 inches like Jax did.
Finding your confidence like Jen did
Finding your SPARKLE and reducing depression
like Carline did.
Not only did Carline find her sparkle, but her health improvements
meant her monthly cycles came back after disappearing
for so long.
She also reduced medication she was on.
This programme is MORE than just, losing weight.
It’s getting your health and your LIFE back.
Monday is the BEST day to say – I’m doing it!
How’s your self-discipline?
Do you have the ability to do what you SHOULD DO, when you
SHOULD do it, whether you like it or not?
Not many do.
You lack of self discipline could be the major cause of your weight loss failure,
your frustration,
under-achievement and UNHAPPINESS in life.
It causes you to make EXCUSES and sell yourself short.
You take the path of least resistance
(The easy way)
You seek the FASTEST  way to get the things you want RIGHT NOW
(Things like pills and potions) with little or NO CONCERN for the long-term consequences.
To be disciplined, you need the ability to be able to put off the satisfaction
in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term.
THAT is exactly what we’ll be doing in the
12 week Life TARAnsformer programme.
I’ll be closing the applications on Wednesday and
there’s 3 spaces left.
Don’t miss out!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Don’t forget to watch me LIVE on Facebook at 8pm tonight
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