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Ep54 – Rhian’s Transformation: From Obsessive Alcohol Drinker to Sober Coach

Tara - Podcast Graphics Ep.54

In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara is joined by the inspirational Rhian, who has overcome her obsessive alcohol consumption and is now helping women to transform their own lives by eliminating the devastating effects alcohol can cause. What You Will Learn In This Episode: Rhian’s story and how she overcame the devastating […]

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Lorna’s 3 Stone Weight Loss Success

Lorna is a Busy Mum who works full time and has two sons.  At the beginning of the year Lorna wanted to feel fitter & more confident for her forthcoming 50th Birthday. Lorna had done lots of yo-yo dieting over the years.In early 2018 Lorna lost weight for her wedding but by Christmas last year […]

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