Can I show you my wobbly thighs? - Tara Hammett

Can I show you my wobbly thighs?

So you can see what I’m on about…
That’s what my lovely client J said yesterday.
We’ve all got our hang ups about ourselves,
And for J, it’s her thighs.
Everywhere else is fab,
but she just can’t bare looking at them,
Feeling them…she just hates them.
What else can I do? She asked.
Keep doing what you’re doing for now J,
a few more weeks and we’ll change the game.
(She’s getting amazing results….but we’re working
on permanent change, not overnight
drastic results with the likely risk of
putting back on)
So I’m gonna share with you what J has been up to.
It started with a phone call.
We chatted about her lifestyle, the exercise she had
(or hadn’t) been doing.
The healthy food (or so she thought)
that she’d been eating.
I could quickly see some little things that needed changing.
A few tweaks.
We talked about the best plan to bring out
The best in J….and she made some effort for herself.
We did some swaps.
J had been doing a little exercise, but not the kind that
Helps to tone your thighs,
Trim your hips
Tighten your tummy and
Define your arms.
So I gave her a strategy of the BEST exercise to do
CLICK HERE FOR THOSE WORKOUTS, and we discussed the
BEST time of day to do them and when.
Then we chatted out the BEST food to eat.
J was eating cereal for breakfast,
Wraps because she was giving up bread
(same thing btw)
healthy dinners with jacket potatoes and
pasta and the only thing getting
on the way was the sneaky crisps and Kit Kats during the day.
I could see where J was going wrong.
She needed quite a few changes…..but just one at a time.
Her food needed to be
lower carb,
higher protein,
Less junk
More food
So J decided to get all 4 cookbooks to try new meals.
J had such a surprise when we met up yesterday.
She lost 10lbs!
And she didn’t even know as she hadn’t been obsessing about the scales.
She said this is the only plan that has got her this far with her weight loss and
Helped her know exactly what to do.
What she had been obsessing about was,
Should she do more?
How can she get the results FASTER?
How can she tone her thighs NOW?
We can all be a little impatient from time to time
And when we want results,
especially weight loss and body change results,
We want them NOW.
So like I’ve said to so many before
(and I’m sure I’ll say again)
Keep doing what you’re doing as the plan is working.
If you can lose 10lbs in 6 weeks,
Imagine what you can achieve in another 6 weeks whilst
Only exercising for 12 minutes,
Doing some walking and eating
More food than ever before.
We did sneak off for a little look at her thighs and,
just like me – and many others, there was cellulite there.
I totally get wanting to get rid of it.
It’s a massive challenge for us ladies because of the way
Our bodies are made, but you can certainly reduce the appearance
Of those dimples.
But we can improve it…again,
With the HIIT workouts which are PROVEN to
Burn fat and tone muscles.
Along with the recipes I share which are also
PROVEN to help you feel full and
Love what you’re eating.
For all of the things YOU need to do to make
Change…just head over to and take a look.
There are many success stories from following
My simple tips.
Be the next story
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
Keep fit & fab
Tara  xx
p.s. Have you ever lost weight without even trying? Tell me how you did it.
I’m gonna tell you about someone who did it tomorrow xx
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  • March 10, 2016