Transform the way you Look and Feel in just 28 days

Lose weight, look more toned, fit in your clothes, & feel more confident in your skin

Many women struggle to stay in shape and feel healthy.  

I'm on a mission to change the way women feel about their bodies improve their health and fitness and help them finally lose weight in a sustainable way they can maintain long term.

Do you:

  • Find you always put everyone first, often neglecting your own needs leaving yourself feeling tired and fed up?
  • Start weight loss and fitness plans and just don't see the results you hoped for?
  • Feel guilty for eating certain foods or deviating from your diet plan?
  • Just can't seem to stick to any plan long term because you run out of motivation or life gets in the way?

Many of the busy, stressed out women I have worked with over the years have been just like you.

They struggle with an all or nothing mindset, where they are either following a diet and trying to stick to a plan or they slipping into old habits of grabbing sweat treats, or reaching for the proseco and crisps.    

They feel they need to stick to a super strict plan, as anything less wont get them the results they want. 

They have tried and failed other plans and feel like maybe they are destined to be stuck where they are now for ever.  

They often feel like they just don't have any willpower?

I'm here to show you it doesn't need to be like this...

Join thousands of women who have already been succesful

The 28 Day Body Confidence Plan

My name is Tara, I created the 28 day Body Confidence Plan for women just like you!

Women who are Fed up of yo yo dieting, stress eating & feeling confused about the best way to lose weight long term.  

I became frustrated with seeing so many women struggle.  I want to help you achieve your goals and make sure you know it's not your fault that you haven't been able to stick to a plan long term.  It's time to stop being so hard on yourself and start enjoying feeling fitter, healthier more toned and confident.  

With so many health experts, diets and fitness trainers spreading confusing messages its no suprise you are overwhelmed and frustrated.  

It's time for that to change.

I created a simple and easy to follow system to help you get in shape and maintain your results long term.  Since then I've helped 1000's of women just like you transform their health and fitness, lose weight and finally start to love their body. 

How The Life Transformer Plan Can Help You

Simple and easy to follow nutrition strategy. 

Discover how to achieve your weight loss goals without starving yourself or fad diets, eating the foods you love without guilt or shame. 

Quick effective Body Toning workouts

Discover how to achieve your weight loss goals without starving yourself or fad diets, eating the foods you love without guilt or shame.  

Unlock the potential of your mindset

Understand and change your mindset, so you feel motivated, positive and in control so you find it easier to stick to new healthier habits

I have been helping women for over 22 years, change their lives.  

I completely undestand you have probably started many diets, maybe some of those have worked initially in the past, then before you know it you find, it's too hard to maintain and you give up on yourself.  Leaving you feel useless, you may have even started to think this is the way it is, and that you should stop kidding yourself.

If you are like many of the women I have helped you probably find you have a thousand tabs open in your brain.  All of the things you need to do, leaving you stressed out looking after everyone else, and leaving nothing for youself.

I can you show you how take the first steps, understand how you can achieve your health and fitness goals without being hard on yourself.  

I will show you how to enjoy your meails and that no food needs to be off limits.  

You willl discover how to make quick easy meals that taste amazing and leave you feeling full

Finally understand how to avoid constant grazing, binging and take control of emotional eating.  
Learn how to fit exericse into your busy life, and how short workouts can deliver restults fast.

Workouts that leave your body feeling more toned, slimmer and stonger.

It's time to start looking forward to your days, with a positive and more excited and enthusiastic outlook

Your pathway to success



Register for the 28 Day body confidence plan.
Take the first step on your journey to a better relationship with your health, fitness, diet and your body  



Follow the Body Confidence plan. Discover how to eat, move and improve your mindset to allow you to achieve your goals in a healthy sustainable way



Look and feel amazing. Reveal the best version of you with lots of energy and motivation.  Feel proud of yourself become an inspiration to those around you

Take the first step to more body confidence

What's Included in Your 28 Day Body Confidence Plan

  • Live & On Demand Workouts - Never miss a workouts with on demand fitness videos you can stream at the most convenient time for you in the comfort of your own home.  
  • Wide Range of Workout Options - Keep yourself motivated with a variety of workouts including Train with Tara, pilates, yoga and self defence sessions.  
  • Daily Support & Accountability - Receive all the support of live train with tara online sessions, it's like having Tara personally trianing you in your own living room.  
  • Delicious Inspiring Meal Ideas - Use the 100's of recipes & meal plan guides to help you stick to the simple nutrition and diet plan and make your healthy changes stick
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions - Ask quesitions and understand how to make long term change during any of the FOUR weekly live coaching sessions
  • Private Facebook Group - Become part of the community and receive unbelievavle support from the Life Transformer girls in the private Facebook support group
  • Binge & Emotional Eating Support - Learn Taras simple and effective ways to overcome binge & emotional eating, and allow you to follow the plan long term and see lasting results long into the future
  • Life Transformer Plan - Access the full Life transformer Plan carefully designed for women - to lose weight loss, boost energy, and build body confidence
  • Inspiring Cooking Videos - Follow along cooking videos where I show you how I manage my time to feed my family tasty and nutritious meals that everyone will eat and support you in your health and fitness journey

Take the first step to more body confidence

28 Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe I can help you finally break free of harmful diet culture and unethical "health" experts who will try and sell you dangerous or ineffective advice.  Thats why I am willing to offer that if you are not completely satisfied with the 28 Day Body Confidence Plan then simply email me and I will refund you your £97, no questions asked and wish you all the luck in the future.  


Can you do the workouts on demand?

The workouts are available live and on demand which means you can get up and join in with me and the girls at 6:30am or you can do the recording at a time that's best for you

Is the programme good for all fitness levels?

The workouts are suitable for EVERY LEVEL. I show alternatives to exercises and when you start, I recommend doing the first week without any weights, so you gradually build up at a nice pace that suits you.

Do we get access to a support group?

Yes. The Life Transformer Group is on Facebook and the link to join are in the plan.

Do we meet up?

No, which means you can be anywhere to join in. Location doesn’t need to be an issue as the plan can come to you

Will there be live coaching with Tara?

Yes, Tara holds 4 live coaching sessions which will answer all of your questions, help you with clarity and give you the confidence to reach your goals

What if I haven’t got any fitness equipment at home?

Tara has you covered. In the plan you will find a video explaining and showing how you can make great weights with items you’ll easily find at home.

Can I do the exercises in a gym?

Yes, absolutely. You can do the workouts at home or in a gym.

Are there meal plans to follow?

Tara has carefully created 7 Day Menu’s, but even better than that, Tara will help you with meal planning so you really do get long term results and not restricted to meal plans. Learning how to eat freely and improve your relationship with food is the key to long term success. There is also a full recipe section and cooking videos for lots of ideas and variety with food you enjoy.

What Ladies Are Saying About My Program

When Deb joined the Life Transformer Plan, little did she know at that time, even with the doubt in her mind, she was about to start the journey of her life and literally achieve her dreams since she was 16.

“I've achieved more than l ever thought possible. I'm amazed at the way l look and feel and l love this version of myself. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before...except for some achy bones occasionally. My sleep and stress levels have improved hugely too. I have a zest for life and for new adventures in my 50s ( nearly 53).

What I'm truly grateful for is finding Tara and having the support and inspiration of the girlies who will be lifelong friends. I'm still at my "lightest weight for 5 mins"… l'm technically at my goal weight but l keep moving it.. I’ve lost over 4 stone in the last 2 years...gone from a size 18-20 down to a 10-12. and the time has flown...l can't imagine or want to live any other way...its not always easy get up early and eat right but it's worth it! xxx”


Lost just over 40lbs, dropped dress sizes and feeling fitter

Lorna wanted to change, her 50th birthday was approaching and she wanted to feel 50 and fabulous.

Lorna has lost just over 40lbs, dropped dress sizes and feeling fitter, more energetic and rocking the 50’s club

Gorgeous, glowing, confident and loving her best life. Loving the process, making fabulous friends and only looking forward.

This is no ordinary before and after, this is a Life Transformer happily ever after-after


Sarah has turned her dreams and wishes into reality 

“ I have lost 2stone and developed consistent daily habits that have made me,
stronger and fitter from the regular exercise.

I have more energy. I am eating more nutritious food. As a result I feel better in myself. Nothing will stop my MS flare ups but When I do get them, I noticed I am recovering more quickly, and I believe it is keeping my MS at bay.

I feel happier and I also feel I cope better with stressful situations. I’m definitely stronger in mind and body and feel more confident.

I’ve dropped a dress size and now I enjoy choosing and wearing clothes to suit my new shape Xxx”


Ready To Get Started on Your Body Transformation Journey

Places are strictly limited and time is limited so click on the link below to find out more info on how to get started and not miss out on this opportunity. This plan will change your life - and I will be with you every single step of the way.