You're in!! - Tara Hammett

You’re in!!

It’s gonna be a stormer over
the next 3 weeks
(imagine losing 13lbs like Emma
didi last month!!)
Some strong playing TARAnsformers
are joining in with the 21 day programme.
I’m loving how many have continued from the
Detox Week….they’re loved it so much and
know it’s a no brainer to be in on the action.
What I’m excited about this time
is the experience that the group
is bringing to the SUPPORT group.
They’ve done many of the TARAnsformer
programmes before.
They KNOW how to
get the BEST out of it for themselves.
They KNOW how to
join in with keeping the willpower on top form
They KNOW how to
step in and help others when things get tougher.
and even though they’ve KNOWN
what to do for a while now….sometimes
we all still need that kick up the butt.
So this month, they’re turning up!
If you’ve done any of the programmes before
you’ll recognise some of the awesome people
in there this month.
and if you have NOT done it
before……This will be a very
POWERFUL one to join in with.
If you’re still wondering if
you’d rather invest on feeling
gorgeous this month,
or you’d rather spend money on
something that’s gonna make you feel worse…..
Maybe you’re not ready for it.
Lets face it…it’s a no brainer!
It would be a no-brainer for me anyway.
Like you, I’ve got goals to look forward to.
Another holiday coming up
(OMG…Vegas…. I can’t wait to tell you about it)
A wedding party
(I wanna feel fab in my dress)
All of these things are a few weeks
away but i’ve got plenty of time to make sure that
I stay on top of things….
And the same for you too…
Think of all the things you’ve got coming up.
How do you want to FEEL
How do you want to LOOK
What do you want to WEAR
Who do YOu want to look at you and think
‘OMG – You’re GORGEOUS’?
Lets do it NOW
This is the last day you
can get into the the support group.
It’s time to get in….
I’m recording my first WELCOME and
INSPIRATION message next and it’s going in!!
I’m starting TODAY….
even though I’m having a family BBQ today
in the sunshine.
Coming in??
^^^ Click there for more info, and to JOIN NOW^^
You may even have some questions??
Hit reply and ask me

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S As it’s Bank Holida Monday her in the UK,

you may possibly be delaying getting

on the wagon and starting

the merry-go-round of weight loss tomorrow.

Another day adding the pound on.

Start NOW

Don’t make your situation worse.



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  • May 30, 2016