YOUR.GAME.PLAN - Tara Hammett


Get your plan sorted NOW
I want to inspire you to get on top of it
following the AMAZEBALLS response I had
to my webinar on Monday.
So many who sat in messaged me saying
how INSPIRED they were to get back on the wagon.
I shared some stories of the
INSANE results we’ve seen in 2015.
Check out Rhian above.
Rhian joined the first Life TARAnsformer Programme
of 2015.
She got her game plan with me and
changed her LIFE.
So many of us have loved
staying in touch and watching Rhian continue
to feel incredible.
Enjoying holidays
Looking HOT in new outfits
She took small daily actions to get results.
But what about YOU?
What are you doing regularly to know the end
result of what you’re striving to achieve?
Looking in the mirror?
Pinching your hips & belly?
Keeping track of what you’re actually
Doing daily to get to where you want?
Keeping a record of how many
12 minute workouts you do each week?
Batch cooking healthy meals
and recording what you eat?
(and save time)
Telling loved ones how much you appreciate them?
Treating yourself to a bit of R&R regularly?
Of the two it will ALWAYS be better to measuring your
What you DO
The execution
One of the BEST things
You can do is to monitor what you do daily,
as you have much greater control over your actions than your results.
Your results are created by your actions
Measuring this will indicate whether you
did the things you said were most important to achieving your goals.
But have you ever set specific GOALS?
Developed a set of actions to get you towards them?
Completed a planner or score card?
Have you actually ever set out steps that you MUST take to achieve your goals?
How many times have you said you’re gonna DO IT THIS TIME…
You want the sexy body
You want the happy life
But then how many times did you go back on your word.
Set a specific plan?
I could send you a week planner
right now.
I could give you the EXACT
Daily Ticksheet I’ve got for the IMPROVED and
Game-Changing Life TARAnsformer 2016 programme.
But I’m NOT
Because one thing I know
Is it won’t be implemented without me
Showing you EXACTLY how to use
Is and keep on using it.
I show you how in the programme
We set SMALL daily tasks.
We always know what tactics to use to stay on track.
This is CRITICAL to successfully getting to the goals
as we can pinpoint any breakdowns along the way…
which…lets face it…they happen.
We’re dealing with real life here.
But when they happen, we respond QUICKLY.
This is nothing like going it alone.
Instead of falling off the wagon for weeks,
even months (and in some cases YEARS)
I’m there with you helping you with IMMEDIATE
accountability and feedback which allows you to
get back on track FASTER.
When setting goals,
More than 60% of the time the breakdown occurs in the execution process.
Many assume the plan is at fault and change it!!!!
Some have done that in the past…
not listened to my advice.
Not done my 12 min workouts
Not followed my meal plans
Not been accountable daily…..yet still blame the plan.
This is a mistake,
because this way you don’t know if the plan doesn’t work if you’re not working on the plan.
If I tell you NOT to eat biscuits….
yet you eat biscuits and don’t get the results you wanted.
Where’s the problem?
My advice?
You and your execution????
For every action there is a reaction, so the good news is
every time you execute, you produce something!
In the New Year I can help you
change your life FOREVER like Rhian.
I’ve opened up application now ready to kick off in January.
Set yourself up NOW by securing your spot.
Enjoy Christmas
Then get excited that you ALREADY have a plan.
Totally AHEAD of the crowds!!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S..I was BLOWN AWAY yesterday by Charley’s Before & After!
You’ll see her tomozza xx
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  • December 4, 2015