WOW! - Tara Hammett


That’s how ‘Mrs M’ and I felt
after chatting the other day about her application
for the Life TARAnsformer programme – LT5
LT 5 kicks off in January and
I’ll be working with a limited number
of epic TARAnsformers for 12 weeks
as I teach & support them through
changing their BODY and Lifestyle.
Mrs M felt ‘really excited but
a bit emotional‘ after our chat
on the phone.
TBH I expected it.
When we started chatting, the first
part of our convo was about getting healthier, losing weight and
toning up.
That’s what YOU want too right?
More Confident.
Why aren’t you any of those things
right now?
Maybe you feel like Mrs M
Tired. Don’t feel nice in clothes.
You feel like crap and the lower you feel, you
grab a biscuit to make you feel better.
A ‘bit of a pig’.
Can’t just have one pice of chocolate – you
have to have the whole bar.
Can’t just go for a carvery and have a nice meal, you
have to pile the plate up.
Have you tried EVERYTHING like Mrs M?
Weight Watchers
Slimming World
And where did it get you?
Good in the beginning – yes!
But did it stay off?
Did you learn how to change your life FOREVER, even
when you still have holidays, parties and family meals?
There have been a few things getting in Mrs M’s way.
Laziness (She knows what she should be doing)
Knowledge (Even thought she’s been on all these
diets she still doesn’t know really WHY she should
eat certain foods)
She’s wasted so much money on ‘DIETS’
she doesn’t even want to work it
out and know.
She wants to ‘look like a woman, 
not a flump’
But beyond all that….the part that got
Mrs M so emotional was when we talked about
why she even CARED!
You don’t do this in ‘Diets’, ‘Workout plans’
‘Meal plans’
We talked about how she actually
felt about herself.
What did she think about herself.
What did her husband think of her?
I told Mrs M…
I’ve heard it so many times.
‘When I’m thinner, I’ll be happier”
Guess what?!?!
You’ll be onto the NEXT thing that you
hate about yourself.
Your hair,
Your teeth (I’m sorting mine out soon)
Your baby fingernail
You will not be HAPPY until
you find it within.
Until you’re content with your relationships
You can have all the material things in the world,
it’s the FREE things that will enhance your LIFE and
make you happier and more CONTENT.
Working on these are all part
of my Life TARAnsformer 12 week programme
that Mrs M is now
to secure her place.
I’ll be with her and the limited
team for 12 weeks.
This program is not for everyone though.
If you LOVE an excuse and
you LOVE to blame others for why you
are not where you want to be.
Do NOT even consider clicking the link below
If like Mrs M you HATE your body and lifestyle the
way it is now and you desperately want to change.
Then Maybe it’s time you filled out the application
form and got on the phone with me.
Yes – Like many, I know you’d feel nervous about
doing it
and maybe even the phone call itself terrifies you.
But think why.
It’s because its something you’ve NEVER
done before.
And I can help you get what you really want.
Plus…I’m not that scary. We’d have a lovely chat!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s Have a look at the application form… does it make you feel?
when was the last time you were honest with the answers to those questions?
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  • December 3, 2015