Why is everything so COMPLICATED?? - Tara Hammett

Why is everything so COMPLICATED??



Why aren’t things simple.

So my past 24hours have included this…

My car is going back to make way for a more family suitable one. Before it goes back I need to make sure everything is in order. I’m quite organised so I find all my documents straight away but I need to change my plate.

OMG between calling one company and another and another and another I almost had steam coming out of my ears.

“Don’t argue with reality Tar” So I kept my cool and eventually got there but at
one point I thought.

‘You know what….keeping the plate isn’t worth it. I don’t really want it that much”

I almost threw in the towel but I knew further down the line I would have been sorry. So I dug in,
stayed patient and HOPEFULLY everything will get sorted. I’ll get the result of the new car and still own my plate.

Thought I’d tell you that now as It’s similar to the feelings so many get when
the have a goal of weight loss.

It seems complicated,
you get frustrated as you don’t get the results fast enough,
You want to throw the towel in
when you do that, you feel like you lose all the hard work you put in before.

You don’t get the end result.

I’d like to think I’ve made lifestyle change a little easier.

Unlike all the different things I had to do and places I had to go to sort my car,
I’ve got all the info and help you need to lose weight and get fitter in one place.

No looking for a workout in one place
A meal plan in another
Support somewhere else and
Someone to answer questions somewhere completely different.

Everything and Anything you need is all in my Inner Circle and
there are a load of fantastic girls in the team who have been there in the struggle of change and now know they have found the answer to getting to their goals.

Brand New 12min workouts every month
Brand New recipes every month
Brand New Mindset reading advice
A Live Monthly Webinar and
Daily Support to help you DO what you already KNOW you should do…….but you don’t.


^^ One place…No frustration.
(If only I did the Car TARAnsformer programme and we could all go there to sort everything in one go)

Lots of love and calm

Tara xx

P.S The recipe pic I’ve shared is the Eton Mess recipe (You can get it here) from one of my recipe cookbooks.

Last night in the Life Taransformer meeting, we were talking about rice cakes and swapping ingredients in meals & treats and this one came up so I
thought I’d show you how yummy it looks and show how you can still have treats and make them healthy without you feeling guilty.

COOKBOOKS: https://tarahammett.com/cookbooks/

  • November 15, 2016