Which Meal Do You Struggle With The Most? - Tara Hammett

Which Meal Do You Struggle With The Most?

Here’s some quick & easy ideas for you:

I was chatting with one of the guys I train yesterday and he asked for some quick breakfast and lunch ideas

“I do well with my dinner every night, but most mornings I’m in a rush then I end up calling in the garage and having a sandwich. When I go back to work, I’ve got another sandwich that I asked one of my colleagues to pick up for me.”

It’s hard when you’re a bit unorganised and hungry.

Most of the easy stuff to pick up tends to be food that doesn’t exactly fill you with nutrition or help you towards your weight loss / health goals.

1) Sweet Breakfast: Natural yoghurt, frozen berries & nuts. We’ve had this twice this week at home mainly because it’s so easy and something we’re both enjoying and takes very little prep. You can have it quick at home, put into a container or keep a stock of it in work. (Above if a few photos from the girls in the Inner Circle when they enjoy that brekkie)

2) Savoury Breakfast: Boiled Eggs, Pre-cooked chicken/turkey sausages, spinach. This would take a bit of prep the night before but you could make a few days worth and won’t really add any extra time when you’re doing your dinner. Just takes a bit of thought that’s all.

3) Sweet Snack: Berries & Nuts, or have you tried the Grenade Protein Bars? YUM!

4) Savoury Snack: Veggies & Humus

5) Lunch: The easiest option ever when you’re in a rush…last night’s leftovers. When you’re cooking ALWAYS make extra ready for the next day.

If these ideas help…Let me know.

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Need a bit more inspiration? Let me know what you struggle with and let me help you nail it!

Tara xxx

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  • July 5, 2017