Where's that dress you love? - Tara Hammett

Where’s that dress you love?


You got it in your wardrobe?

An outfit that you used to be able to fit into, felt lovely in and now can’t wear it?

Yesterday I was doing a Body Transformation Coaching Call with Mrs P,
during the call we talked about what she wanted to achieve, why she was finding it so hard
to lose weight and stick to a plan and what she would LOVE to achieve by Christmas

(It’s in 10 weeks BTW) – even losing just 1lb a week could be
the difference between feeling like a Christmas pudding or feeling
confident and beautiful)


At the mo she’s rotating her clothes between 3 outfits that fit because she

She’s got wardrobes FULL of lovely outfits that she used to love wearing but after
falling in ill for a bit last year,
Getting lazy,
Relying on easy food
and being busy with a full time job and family the weight has crept up.

Last year she wore this gorgeous dress that she felt so slim and lovely in and now
she’s wearing 2 sizes bigger.

So yesterday we came up with a plan.

She REFUSES to ‘wait until the New Year’ to start her

She’s taking action NOW

No CRAZY – workout 7 days a week plan
No BORING – “I can’t…I”m on a diet” plan
No turning up to weigh then opening a bottle and a share bag as soon as she gets home plan.

A proper plan that will fit in with her lifestyle and make sure that she no longer
STARTS THEN STOPS so easily plan like she’s been doing for the past year.

Instead she’s joining me on the Life Taransformer programme which is the
GUARANTEED RESULTS plan to make sure THAT DRESS is on over Christmas!!

What would you like to achieve in 10 weeks?

be happy with 10lbs loss?

Or you gonna stay the same (plus the average 4lbs people put on?)

What you DO NOT WANT TO DO is QUIT and write off the rest of the year.

You need to take action NOW

Do something SMALL every day.

I know I keep repeating myself but that’s how you get results in the end

Keep doing something and then it all clicks.

Today the secret group is open.

I’d love you to be in there and spend 3 weeks with me starting your
mission to get back into those clothes.

Up for it?

Join the group HERE and you’ll get your shopping list and
meet the girls already with me, excited to do something for themselves.

And if this email doesn’t inspire you enough…..

#1 Go to your wardrobe
#2 Look at all those lovely things that you’d LOVE to wear
(or get online and look for THAT Christmas dress you’d love to wear)

Then think…

Stay on the same path doing the same thing getting the same


Action – Results – Success – Goals
Tara xxx

P.S If I created a little tick sheet to put on your fridge or save as your phone screen saver – would that help you?

Let me know.

P.P.S The 21 day programme link below again with £25 off!!

Programme for £30 Link

Don’t miss it xxxx

  • October 15, 2016