What couldn't you live without? - Tara Hammett

What couldn’t you live without?


That’s my fave.

Wine – not fussed

Cheese – Meh

Crisps – whateves

Bread – not bothered

Chocolate – How much can I have at every meal please.


Now obviously I don’t have chocolate at every meal 

(although with some of my recipes you actually could AND have a healthy day)

Anyway, I want to know what your vice is.

This morning when I posted in our group about the weekend I asked what everyone was treating themselves to.

“Can we have treats?”

I was asked.


That’s part of life. Imagine I said in my programmes you’re gonna cut everything out (especially the things you love the most)…..you’d never stick to it!

Having treats from time to time is good for you

Mentally it helps you enjoy our lifestyle, 

have yummers things to look forward to

helps keep you motivated to make healthy choices.

it can satisfy cravings – we all get them!

Physically it’s good for your metabolism.

When you’ve had a really good few days of healthy eating (especially when you’re working to lose weight), an indulgence can rev up your metabolism and fill you with energy.

With the Taransformer programmes, here’s a few things we do NOT do:

❌ Starve ourselves so we’re lethargic and miserable

❌ Skip meals

❌ Restrict ourselves so we obsess over what we can’t have

❌ Spend ages in the gym doing boring stuff we hate

What we do is:

✔️ Eat PLENTY of food (great for volume eaters)

✔️ Enjoy and look forward to treats (wine, chips, choc – whatever you want)

✔️ Have plenty of healthy treats that you can even enjoy everyday if you want.

✔️ Quick & easy meals that partners, housemates & children will also love.

✔️ Workout for ONLY 12 mins (or walk)

Another thing we’re doing is

✔️ Getting ready this weekend to kick off on Monday.

Are you in?


Get in the group, get posting, get prepped and

tomorrow I want you to weigh, measure, see where you’re at right now then

look forward to reaching your goal in 21 days.

Tara xx

P.S What is your fave treat or the one thing you can’t live without?


  • May 6, 2017