Waste of money! Waste of time! - Tara Hammett

Waste of money! Waste of time!

Have you ever sat back and ACTUALLY thought
how much money you’ve wasted trying
to get the body you want and STILL you’re in the same place?
Imagine I said this:
“Over the last 6 months you’ve spent
approximately £600 trying to lose weight and
you’re EXACTLY THE SAME as 6 months ago”
You’d feel a little disappointed yeah?
Maybe one month you spent
about £50 on ‘DIET’ Food
Then another month about £50 on
Gym/ workout/trainer
Perhaps £50 again on some pills
and some drops
Then go full circle because
the first one worked before……
Stop wasting money and
invest in yourself properly.
I had this email
“Thanks Tara 
I’m ok just not ready for sorting the important stuff. 
Need to get head in the game and 
it’s not happening! 
Love your emails and 
agree with everything you say 
but I think I need a brain transplant as 
I can’t seem to apply to myself! 
Your programmes
are a fantastic idea, 
but I cannot justify wasting any more money! 
It’s that old adage – it’s not you it’s me!!

Keep doing what you’re doing cos you’re wonderful xx”

I bet
most people who read my emails think and feel like this.
​I’m confident because you
signed up to get my emails for one reason,
and one reason only.
What you are/were doing with your life
WASN’T / ISN’T working for you.
Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right?
So WHY do you read my emails
daily and still continue to do the
same BAD HABITS that brought you
here in the first place?
You read my emails and do NOTHING.
Either my emails
aren’t getting through to you
you want the magic pill to do
it for you
(If that’s the case I’d stop reading my emails
​right away…in fact, unsubscribe – no hard feelings)
you don’t want it ENOUGH
Think of it, if you had a
wedding, holiday or other snazzy event that
you wanted to feel amazing for – you’d
somehow find some willpower then wouldn’t you?
However, you soon go back to those bad habits
But you need to change those habits for good..
Keep practicing those tiny little habits until
​that become automatic…like brushing
your teeth or putting your
seat belt on.
You don’t think twice about it, it’s easy.
The same can be done with your healthy lifestyle.
(I know what you’re saying –
​What about your WHY power??
Why do you even want it?
How much do you want it?
Aristotle wrote:
“We are what we repeatedly do”
How right was that dude!!
​It’s time to WAKE UP and realise that the habits you
indulge in could be leading your life into
repeated DISASTER!!
You just need slight adjustment into
your daily life to
DRAMATICALLY alter the outcomes.
I know so many want it really bad,
​I’ve had many in tears on the phone when they
talk about how they currently feel.
You need to make some positive changes and make them
CONSISTENT otherwise you’ll
go back to mindless bad habits.
You’ve tried many things before –
​Erm….how’s your New Years Resolution going BTW??
Now let’s STOP THE INSANITY and do something
about it right away.
I have all the tools to help you
and It’s here to make it EASIER FOR YOU.
Find your MOJO
Get your HEAD INTO IT.
Get a piece of paper…
write down EVERYTHING you WANT that
you haven’t got….yet!
How does it make you feel?
Once you’ve don’e this,
you then have many reasons why you should
choose to get up and
^^^^ If you do want to change your body and
don’t even try that FREE TASK – I hate to say it….
You are one of those people
that wants the change but not willing
to put in THE WORK.
My program starts THIS WEEKEND
You’ll get prepped with SMALL adjustments
to your shopping
(You may even SAVE MONEY)
You’ll do a SMALL amount of the right exercise
(You can even JUST WALK)
You’ll make SMALL changes to what you eat
(You may even EAT MORE)
And you’ll me SMALL adjustments to your
(Brain transplant sorted)
Who are you??
Why do you want it??
You know what to do and
RIGHT HERE I’ll show you how.
It’s that easy!!
^^^ Click THAT link ^^
Keep fit & fab !
Tara  xx

Tara Hammett