*WARNING* This WILL happen to you - Tara Hammett

*WARNING* This WILL happen to you

 A brand new wardrobe 

But what have you got in yours right now?
A pair of skinny jeans you can’t get into and
you DESPERATELY wish you could
A big pair that do fit right now and
you HATE the fact that they do?
It’s time to get those big trousers
out of your wardrobe (FOR GOOD)
and get you back in your skinny ones.
How do you plan on doing it though?
Have you thought about when you’re gonna start?
Are you ready to take COMPLETE control
of yourself?
Personal control is a massive factor in your happiness and
So many are willing to blame others and ‘things’ for
the negative emotions they have.
It takes tremendous self-discipline for you to
accept complete responsibility for everything you are,
everything you become and everything that happens to you.
Even if you are not directly responsible for
something that happens,
you are responsible for your responses,
for what you do and say from that moment forward.
There is a direct relationship between the acceptance
of responsibility and the amount of
personal control you
feel you have over your life and how positive you feel.
Take the food you eat and what you drink.
Whether you want to blame the people
you were with at the time, or the fact that it’s the weekend….
who’s responsible for what you do?
The only real answer for change is
purposeful action in the direction of your goals.
You need to take
Complete control of your thoughts
Complete control of your actions
Complete control of the steps you will take to reach your goals.
If your body or health makes you feel
negative thoughts of low self esteem,
low confidence, worry, stress or
even anger resolve today to
do or stop doing whatever is necessary for you to
gain great health, positivity, confidence and happiness
One simple step to help
you get there could be a challenge
A 21 day challenge
21 days where I encourage you to do 12 mins of exercise to TONE your body
21 days where I show you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
21 days where I teach you how to eat out or survive the weekend
21 days where I inspire you to think more positively and you become happier
21 days to get back in those jeans
Hazel started with the 21 day programme….look at her old trousers now!!
She won’t be wearing those again.
Tra Trousers!!
Oooh…..almost forgot to add the link for
you to join me for 21 days then
^^ Click there and say out loud
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.SIf you’ve done the 21 day programme before and
fancy saving some £££££ and getting back on the wagon….email me back!
  • April 30, 2016