Time Waster! - Tara Hammett

Time Waster!

You know my daily ritual?
The time I dedicate to ME before anyone
else so I can put myself in POWER
and be ready to serve anyone else during my day.
Well….Loving the book I’m on at the mo
and it was going on about time planning and what we achieve.
Did you know…?
The average person wastes 2 hours EVERYDAY
So all that time when
people say they haven’t got enough time.
The chances are you could actually
focus more, be more productive and spend more time with intention.
This is going to take discipline, structure and the need
to know when to say yes and when to say no.
When you become more accountable and
use your time with
greater intention you’ll
feel more in control, feel less stress and increased confidence!
Remember Mrs X who emailed me HATING her lifestyle
and where she was at.
She felt like she couldn’t do what she needed to change her lifestyle.
The piccy above is one of her emails to me recently.
She changed the game.
She used her time better and invested in herself.
Mrs X joined Detox….7 days later and she’s feeling much more positive.
She’s motivated to keep on going and not ruin
the brilliant results from
spending her time with me and the team and
working on her goals.
Her happiness
Meeting Mrs Sassy!!
OMG – I want to meet her too.
So in response to the Former
Mrs X …soon to be Mrs Sassy..
Party SOS Plan opens up on Friday
Click the link to find out
more about it and if it’s for you.
I can help you stay accountable,
waste less time and actually do the
OPPOSITE to the average person this Christmas.
Whilst the average person will start
their journey to PUTTING ON the festive pounds
YOU could flip it and lose!!
So……with those 2 wasted hours of yours today,
what are you going to do with them?
invest in yourself or
procrastinate and do the low-level
things that you normally do when you AVOID
doing the ‘less comfortable’, high pay off activities??
Do something for YOU
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s Did you see my LIVE recording on FB last night with the
protein fluff recipe? OMG…the recipe is already in Party SOS ready for the SOS Squad! xx
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