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This is the last one

I CANNOT believe it!!
The last 21 day programme of the
year is this one.
I only realised yesterday when I was
doing a bit of planning and I look at the dates
and realise…
This is it.
We’re at the end of the year already.
Unbelievable how
quickly time goes.
And then it got me sitting and reflecting
on 2015.
Thinking about New Years Day.
What I was saying to myself
about New Year New Me
and all that.
My year has certainly seen a lot of
Challenging times
Life throwing those tough
times at you and you
just think WHAT NEXT?!?!
Plus making it the
year that you achieve your goals.
Those dreams about your lifestyle.
The holidays you’ll take
The things you’ll change and make
How many did you GO FOR?
How many did you achieve?
or are you still working on them?
This last 21 day programme could be your
chance to make the difference you’ve been meaning
to make.
I was chatting to one of the girls about the
Christmas party season coming up and
my response wasn’t the usual
Let’s face it…
Most people are going to anyway.
So my advice to her was to get a realistic strategy.
There will be wine and celebratory drinks
There will be party food
There WILL probably be weight gain.
Now, I don’t really want to think about all of that quite
yet, but I do want you to think about making sure you
get as lean, fit & healthy as you can before it all goes downhill.
No more kidding yourself with the yo yo dieting
and going through another party season
feeling embarrassed about your body.
You’ve got time and
You’ve got the option
You can lose ????
Well…apart from all the weight you don’t want.
This is your last chance this year to
shift that weight with me and get brilliant results like the
girls did last time.
WANNA LOSE 9inches from your waist and 9lbs??
These are the kind of results you WILL
get when you join in!!
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
PS I’m gonna send you a video later..PLEASE watch it. The DETOX group
has been the best yet and I really want to share some
inspiration with you xx
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