The question I've NEVER been asked! - Tara Hammett

The question I’ve NEVER been asked!

We laughed so much, Louise (my side kick)
spat her water out.
During the Live TARAnsformer meeting last night
one of the girls revealed she’d had a piercing in
a special place.
“Will it be ok to still exercise’
Well….I was hysterical.
I’ve NEVER been asked that question.
I couldn’t answer it honestly as I wouldn’t know.
It’s a question I certainly wasn’t
prepared for.
Sometimes you do get a bit caught out.
The same goes for your preparation
for your day, your food and smashing your goals.
That was the main theme of the meeting
last night.
All these things were what the team had learned over the
past 7 days and were feeling to
positive about how they’d made such a difference to
their days.
Spending a few hours to save so
much time it such a brilliant investment.
Are you prepping meals in advance?
Batch cooking
Sweet Potato
Steaming Veg
Portioning snacks
All ESSENTIAL in helping you to keep on track.
They’re all recording the small
daily tasks set and the results after just one week
speak for themselves.
We’ve seen losses from 2lb to 6.5lbs
and there’s another 11 weeks to go.
Way to exciting to see what they achieve.
They’ve got their plans in place,
so how about you?
What do YOU plan to do this week to help you
to your goals?
Maybe you don’t quite know where to start,
however, I may just have something I prepared earlier.
CLICK HERE for a load of recipes that will
inspire you to eat food that’s amazing AND
will help you burn fat faster than you ever have
(And you may find you’ll actually eat more!)
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Podcast out later today…don’t forget to tune in xx
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  • January 12, 2016