The ONE THING you need to truly change your life - Tara Hammett

The ONE THING you need to truly change your life

Sometimes the TINIEST of commitments can
Have such a GINORMOUS impact on getting what you want….
….when you follow through with them.
I’m just gonna remind you what it is…
“The state
Of being bound emotionally or intellectually
To some course of action”
Small commitments can be truly life changing.
It’s a conscious decision to take specific action
To create a desired result.
They’re powerful, it’s like
Accountability projected into the future.
You decide that you will do whatever it takes
To reach your goal, and the more accountable you are,
the more likely you will meet your commitments.
We can all think of times when
We have been really committed to something to reach a goal.
It creates an amazing feeling,
Feeling proud and happy.
Remember a time when you made good decisions with your food,
You lost some weight,
Started to like yourself more,
You felt proud and happy because you
Were committed to your goals.
But are you committed right now?
When you make a personal commitment to yourself,
You make a PROMISE to yourself to take certain actions.
It could be doing a 12 min workout,
Preparing clean food,
Spending time with loved ones,
Doing certain tasks in work.
Are  you doing it?
Commitments are powerful, but there are times
When all of us struggle to follow through
(New Years resolutions are a prime example.
How’s yours going by the way?)
Very often it’s because you kinda know what you want, BUT:
You don’t quite know what to do
You’re not quite ready
You don’t really have a plan of how to do it
You haven’t thought about what costs you have to pay
to consistently take action each week
You don’t act on your commitment, but you act on your feelings.
Maybe your personal PROMISE
Isn’t enough and you need more support
And motivation with a commitment
to someone else.
You could do this now with me.
I’ll give you two options.
You can jump straight into
My Inner Circle group HERE
(Sian & Sarah did this on Tuesday)
You can have a one-to-one consultation
With me (Jill did yesterday and Sara is today)
All you’ve got to do is email me back!
Commit yourself to doing something for YOURSELF.
Don’t be the person that wishes it, but all you do is close this email
And wait for tomorrows to come
Take action to get in touch NOW.
What have you got to lose?
Keep fit & fab
Tara  xx
P.S I’m going to be doing a video each day for the next few
days for you. This is my commitment to YOU.
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