The Bridesmaid Bulge - Tara Hammett

The Bridesmaid Bulge

That’s EXACTLY what Claire

did NOT want for her sisters wedding.

Feeling Frumpy,




So she sent me a quick message.

I replied with my advice on what I

thought was the best course of action.

She was a bit nervous at first about

trying one of my programmes.

Never done it before.

Always done the ‘TYPICAL’

diets, you know the ones.

(Maybe you’re doing them right now)

Meet up once a week to get weighed,

then go off on your own to

fight through the next 7 days.

Maybe do a load of exercise

that you don’t really enjoy and

maybe eating food you don’t really enjoy.

Maybe you feel a little confused about

why you should do certain things and

why not.

Well, Claire joined in on my Detox programme.

She loved it so much she decided she

didn’t want to go it alone, so she joined

my 21 day programme.

She learned more,

She lost more,

She achieved more

She started to love herself more.

The final part of her journey was

my second DVD.

Just 12 minutes at home keeping on top of her

weight loss and toning.

(which was perfect as she’s a busy Mum of 2 gorgeous boys).

Claire had a goal,

she knew she needed help to achieve it,

she took action and then…..

Here’s an email Claire sent me

“Good morning my lovely

Just wanted to say a huge

thank you for giving me the kick up the ass

that I needed to start loosing weight for my sisters wedding.

I continued what you taught me

and I have now lost 17lb in total so only another 7lb to go.

I felt fantastic on the day when that zip

on the back of my dress flew up,

which didn’t happen a few months previously when

we struggled to get it half way up.

So Thank you my lovely “


I’ve already spoken to SO MANY ladies this year

who want tips,

advice or to

‘pick my brains’ ready for their



A party


Life in general

and my advice is the same as I gave Claire.

Get out of your own way,

drop your excuses and

do something NEW.

Something you haven’t done before

Then….you will GET something you

haven’t had before.

The thing you really want.

Put yourself first!

CLICK HERE for more info on

how you can lose up to 17lbs – like Claire

Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s Many people have been asking me on Facebook how much it costs.
Would you invest £2.62 in YOURSELF???
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