Still waiting? - Tara Hammett

Still waiting?


tick follows tock follows tick follows tock……..

I feel like I’m living in groundhog day.

Waiting and waiting for Baby Deaks to arrive.

Kinda trapped in limbo where I don’t want to go anywhere, do very much and

replying with “nope, no news yet!” many times throughout the day.

With me though,

what I’m doing is a bit of a waiting game that I should be playing and

it’s a very good thing that baby is staying out so his mama can chill and rest as much as possible a little while longer.

His big arrival WILL happen when he’s ready.

What are you waiting for though?

Chances are you’re after

Weight loss

Improved fitness

More energy

Feel more confident

But what are you doing about it?

Waiting for the next inspirational email to come and hope that one of them makes you click and you do something?

Waiting for the next success story about one of the TARAnsformers changing their body and life and thinking you should do it to?

Waiting for someone to come and do it for you?

Well guess what……aint gonna happen.

Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.

The girls who are joining the 21 day programme ready for Friday are not waiting

anymore……..they’re prepared to work their asses off and get what they want.

Which is exactly what you should be doing.

Do you know the NUMBER 1 REASON people don’t lose weight?

The don’t get started in the first place with a proper plan.

No real goal,

No prep

No support.

I see it all the time.

Start the beginning of the week with good intentions,

Share a few quotes and photos on Facebook & Instagram showing they’re ‘ON IT’ and eating healthy,

next thing…..the photos of healthy meals are replaced with bottles of wine & Prosecco.

The inspirational quotes change to “TFI Friday”

The weekend takes over and we’re back to the beginning again.

No change there.

Instead of doing the same thing over and over,

waiting for that magic moment where it all happens and you get the change you want.


Have a little word with yourself

Drop the excuses

Change what you do and

Commit to doing something different.

Do you reckon you could really dig in for 3 weeks?

If so….


If not,

Keep waiting……like me.

Mine is only temporary though
Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S I am having a reflexology session later today. Gonna test to see if that moves things along, so I suppose I’m not waiting too much xx

  • January 11, 2017