Something BRAND NEW for you - Tara Hammett

Something BRAND NEW for you

You’d better get a move on today
It’s starting tomorrow.
The 21 day programme with a BRAND NEW video series to help you
make sure you know EXACTLY what to do to lose weight and keep it off.
I’m going to be sharing everything I’ve done to get my shape back over the past 12 weeks and
what I’m going to be doing during the 21 day programme to get even more definition in my stomach, arms and legs ready for my first night out with the girls.
That’s my goal.
I’ve got my dress ready (It’s the last one I wore before I discovered I was expecting Danny)
I’m going to use the support of the group to keep me going and all in the process share what I’m doing each day to get there.
So what’s in this video series?
Every day I will be in the support group LIVE sharing my knowledge bombs and
helping you FINALLY understand what to do, why you should do it and how to do it the best way to keep the weight off and stay motivated forever.
So here’s what we’ll cover:
Monday – CARBS
What carbs should you eat? When should you eat them? Why are some bad and some good? How can you add them to your meals and lose weight?
How to find your mojo and keep it? How to pick yourself up when you feel like caving? How to start in the first place?
Wednesday – PORTIONS
How much should you have on your plate? How many snack can you have? When is best to eat or not?
Thursday – What are the BEST EXERCISES for abs, toned arms and beating cellulite on your thighs
I’ll share EXACTLY what I have done and will continue to do. How do you get abs? Can you ever get rid of the baby pooch and loose skin? What is best for toned upper arms?
How to eat out, enjoy treats, drink alcohol and still stay slim. What to choose in restaurants and what you should NEVER do when you visit a coffee shop or go out for a meal.
Hot seats and Q&A where we’ll all chat live with each other. Have fun, stay motivated and enjoy getting healthy
You can get access to the whole series HERE
Are you in
Bring on 3 weeks of success
P.S I’m reading an awesome new book. It’s all about getting back up after falling down.
We’ve all had moments of shame, heartbreak, sadness and whilst we can be brave and courageous and get back up….how do we do it?
Looking forward to sharing what I learn xx
  • April 9, 2017