Recipe: Bacon & Tomato Muffin - Tara Hammett

Recipe: Bacon & Tomato Muffin

Happy Monday!
It’s results day in Detox Week
Kick off day in the 21 day programme
and we’ve got our Live Meeting tonight with the Life Taransformer girls.
and it’s tipping down.
Kinda don’t want to step foot out the door today (again – went to the gym earlier), but I’ve got a chiropractor appointment.
I’ve done as much as I can do so far to help myself with my sore back, tight hips and strained muscle in my left leg.
I’ve stretched, had massage and it’s time to go a little deeper and get my hips sorted.
When you need help, you gotta ask for it and go to the best person for the job.
Fingers crossed I’ll be balanced, in line and pain free soon.
Whilst you may not have a bad back to sort out, you may have your weight to sort out, so today I thought I’d share a recipe with you to show that you don’t have to think ‘diet food’ when it comes to health change.
Here’s my bacon & tomato muffin recipe.
Have a fab Monday
Tara xxx
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  • June 5, 2017