Oh No :-O - Tara Hammett

Oh No :-O


You haven’t got long left
Phase #1 of losing weight
and getting out of the rut you’re in
is starting tomorrow.
Are you joining in?
Claire already has and has checked out
the shopping list, got the supplies in
and is ready for it.
She’s up for trying new recipes
Claire will be eating more food and feeling full
She’s gonna be successful losing weight THIS TIME!
This week is all about success
What does success mean to you?
Once you know, you can immediately see the
things that you should be doing more of or
less of in order to begin creating your ideal body and life
Normally the biggest thing that holds
you back from moving in the direction of your dreams
is usually your fave excuse and a lack of self discipline to
make you do what you should do….
whether you feel like it or not.
I went through this in the gym yesterday.
I was doing pistol squats – they KILL,
but they’re AMAZING for your legs and butt.
I’d done three sets and I really didn’t want
to do the fourth set.
I almost caved, but then I said to
Do I want to feel body confident on  my holiday
in a few weeks?
Do I want to feel confident in the new dress I’ve bought for the TARAnsformer
night out on 30th April?
The answer was there.
Will quitting now get me there….NO
So, I dug in and I did it.
Once I’d done it, I was proud of myself
and happy that I completed what I set out to do.
Even though it hurt and
I felt uncomfortable, It was worth it.
Small steps each day create
the BEST version of you.
Try this little task:
Close your eyes.
IMAGINE the BEST possible version of you.
That IS who you really are.
Now go out and become that person
You may need some help to get there.
Better Body
Better Energy
Better Mindset
Let me help you for the next 7 days
Start now
Tara xx
P.S I just did that task. I already know a few improvements with my mindset.
I’m guilty of some negative thoughts and neglecting a few……I’m gonna work on that
every day of the detox programme.
In fact…I’m going to put a video in the group today and declare it
Blinkin heck I’ve just inspired myself
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  • April 24, 2016