Natalie lost 16inches doing this..... - Tara Hammett

Natalie lost 16inches doing this…..

Very proud of Natalie and delighted to share her body transformation photos.

Look at the difference in her hips and stomach.

This is THE #1 PLACE that people tell me they want to lose weight and Natalie has done so

fab shedding inches and losing the bloat.

Before I tell you what Natalie did, here’s some words from the supergirly:

“I followed Tara on Facebook and bought one of her dvd’s.

I saw the ad for the transformer programme and thought I would give it a go

as previous stories were a success!

I struggled all my life with my weight and being only 4ft 11

and weighing 11 stone 7 I was depressed because of my weight

and it was affecting me in many ways.

I have tried lots of diets in the past weight watchers, Slimming world , Juice plus.

I’ve never really lost much, I then started having pt sessions at my gym and

had a plan to follow but I wasn’t sticking to it a week or so into it I would cave.

I was on holidays in September last year and I saw a photo of myself

and I thought I gotta make a change. 

I started eating cleaner from then and lost a little bit but wasn’t accountable like I should be.

That’s when I decided to do the programme and I have loved every minute of it .

The support in the group is amazing and just what I needed.

I have lost 13 pound and 16 inches and can see a big diff in my body shape.

I have learnt from the programme about mindset reading and how important this is. I feel better my migraines getting less and feel happier with my body already, although I’ve still got a little way to go.

I would recommend the programme to anyone ! I will never go back now.

Clean eating all the way for me from now on.”

Natalie makes some awesome points that I know so many resonate with.

She tried all the mainstream diets out there…..and they didn’t work

She tried a PT with a plan….something was missing

She followed me on Facebook…..but watching didn’t get results

She has struggled for years and her weight has made her feel depressed.

Some more about Natalie is she has achieved these brilliant results whilst being up against it with work. Working incredibly long hours and night time shifts…It’s never going to be easy when your body is out of sync and you’re tired but she has! Goes to show what you can achieve even when you think you may have a few obstacles.

The only obstacles between you and your dream body / goal weight / happier life is NOT time.

It’s not money,

It’s not work

It’s not age

It’s not your current fitness level

It’s not any of the excuses you tell yourself.

The biggest thing between you and your goal is YOU.

If you don’t do enough or any exercise – start

If you don’t try to eat healthy – start

If you feel confused about what to do – find out

One way of finding out how to do everything you need – and make it easier, is to get help and support.

SO here’s your opportunity today

The 21 day programme opens THIS WEEKEND

Today is one of those trigger days for undoing all the hard work towards weight loss.





‘i deserve it’-day

…..which soo spills into Saturday and Sunday then the cycle repeats itself.

SO what’s it gonna be for you this weekend?

Stick to bad habits or make the change?

I can help you find that motivation!

Click here to join the programme

Tara xx

P.S The average weight loss is 8lbs in this programme… would you feel 8lbs lighter, less bloated and with a visible difference on your hips like Natalie?

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  • July 28, 2017