My seminar FAIL - Tara Hammett

My seminar FAIL

The one thing I said I wouldn’t do…
and I did it.
I shot my nerf gun at the audience and my
bullet hit a lovely lady on the  head.
I shot my friend JD with it in the day
and I’ve got quite an epic aim,
so we decided that if I
had the urge to shoot my gun, then I’d aim for the
ceiling and it would keep
everyone safe from me.
Didn’t quite go that way though.
HOWEVER, in exchange for returning my bullet,
I gave away a copy of my fitness DVD.
Worth taking a bullet for hey?!
The rest of the seminar was FANTASTIC.
I loved it and had an amazing time chatting with
everyone afterwards.
Answering questions about the
Life TARAnsformer 6 programme
and get excited about the next team of
future success stories.
I can’t wait.
And I’ll be TARAnsforming a couple
this time. Dan and Laura!
Relationship Goals!
Last night I took over 50% off the
full cost of the 5 step 90 day programme.
And I’m offering 5 spaces if you want
to join in now.
You want the Body
You want better relationships
You want to love yourself more
Learn my simple steps and
nails your goals in 90 days.
Like many learned last night
Take Action
Achieve Results
Only 5 I’m offering.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Don’t forget…..Money back guarantee – don’t get the
results….I’ll give you all your money back!
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  • January 28, 2016