My decision to hide away. - Tara Hammett

My decision to hide away.

. . . .From everyone
There’s so much I want to say
So much I need to do and I decided
that it’s so important to me to
stay focused and reach my goal that I
had to remove myself from all distractions.
It’s been lovely.
A bit of me time chilling and
some quality time digging in and
taking on my challenge.
I set up a catch up with my coach to
help give me direction and support and
I’m motivated by feeling accountable to him.
Him is called JD btw
(You’ll meet him on Wednesday if you’re coming)
The reason I’m telling you this is because
it’s just the same for you.
You have goals yeah?
You have to do some things to
make sure you get to them.
Say one of your big goals
is to change your body and your lifestyle.
You’ll have obstacles.
Mine = distractions at home
Yours = distracted by the wrong food
You’ll need to protect yourself from pitfalls
Mine = lock myself in a hotel away from people, turn off
ALL notifications on my phone
Yours = remove the bad food from your day
You’ll need some clarity
Mine = remind myself that I’ve got an event to prep
for and it will be worth it.
Yours = remind yourself of the body you desire and
the prep and avoidance will be worth it
You’ll need a plan
Mine = Prep what I’m going to say, organise a room
full of people.
Yours = Prep a shopping list, batch cook,
prep plenty of meals.
You’ll need some HELP
Mine = My coach JD, My side kick Lou, My fabulous
family & friends.
Yours = A coach (me maybe?), Your supportive family,
your work colleagues, a group of
like minded people (TARAnsformers)
We ALL need help – you will NOT do it on your own.
I would NEVER have got as far
as I have without help.
So I’m helping you out today.
See the workout I’ve attached to this video…
It’s 12 minutes
It’s for YOU
You want to change your body…DO IT!!!!!!
Here’s something else I know….
ONLY 10% of the people that read this
email will do the workout I’ve suggested.
If you’re in that 10%……WELL DONE, That shows
you are the type of person that will make the change.
Amongst the 90% ?
I suggest you invest in some help to
boost your motivation more.
You deserve to get what you want, you
may just need a little bit of extra support.
That’s what I’m here for.
Come and see me Wednesday at 7pm in The Dragon Hotel
You HAVE to register if you want to come,
I’ve only got so many seats and if your name’s not down,
you’re not coming in.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S  More 12 minute workouts here for you.
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  • January 24, 2016