MMmmmmmmm Foooooood ;-) - Tara Hammett

MMmmmmmmm Foooooood ;-)

It’s the end of the first week of
‘dieting’ and being
‘back on it’ and the weekend is here.
This is the point where many will cave
and say they deserve a treat
after the hard work they put in all week.
As much as possible we need to treat
these days like any other.
Eat good food that makes us feel
awesome and keep treats to a minimum.
It doesn’t mean to say that when we eat
the healthy food that it has to be boring, bland or
not enjoyable.
Last night I cooked dinner with a little
healthy ‘treat’ for after which would be perfect
to enjoy on the weekend.
Whilst I was cooking it I was thinking of
you and how my ‘Foodie Friday’ can
inspire you to enjoy some
yummy food and not sabotage your
efforts to really smash your plans and
goals to REALLY change this year.
We had Ostrich Fillet
(a really lean meat) with salad and I had just
a few sweet potato wedges.
The Choc Chip Strawberry Coconut Balls
were HEAVENLY and PERFECT for a guilt free
treat that WILL NOT damage your efforts.
As long as you make sure your whole day has been
on track.
Doesn’t it look lovely!!??
That’s what I aim to do with all my recipes in
Create gorgeous meals that
“YOU CAN HAVE” without
spoiling things.
In addition to epic meals and workouts which
only last 12 minutes long….You’ve got me and the team to support you
each and every day.
How successful do you think you’re gonna be if you do
it on your own?
Do you want to look back in 3 weeks time in the same situation
wishing you’d done something different?
Fast forward 3 weeks to what you want…
then 3 months….
Real change is here for you,
and we’re starting this weekend!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s LIVE Classes will be kicking off again on Monday 11th January too!
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