How Michelle Lost 17lbs..... - Tara Hammett

How Michelle Lost 17lbs…..

WOW – Now she’s feeling better than she has in a long time.

But it wasn’t  like that a few weeks ago.

Michelle and I got on the phone and we had a chat about losing weight and how she just couldn’t get her head around it.

She’d tried everything, done well for 4-6 weeks but then the next week she wouldn’t think about it too much and because she’d been too strict with her self she just fell off the wagon and went back to eating all the things she loved, but knew weren’t good for her.

Michelle decided she couldn’t go on like this anymore.

Full of excuses and yo-yoing her way through every diet, so she took the decision to join me.

But she did have doubts.

“OMG Tara, can I speak to you again?”

Michelle was nervous.

What if everyone else was better than her.

What if she needed to lose more than everyone else.

What if she didn’t do so well.

We all have doubts,

worry about looking like a failure in front of everyone else,

what if you waste more money again?

But what if she LOVED it and actually changed her lifestyle & body.

All those thoughts she had in her mind about how she’d like to be could become a reality,

but not if she kept repeating the same thing, trying to do it on her own.

Michelle put her faith in me and the programmes and took her first step.

Week 1 was DETOX WEEK

She ate some amazing food which was a bit different but she felt different from eating them. She loved them, they made her feel good and she felt proud of herself.

Now, since taking her first step she’s lost 17LBS!!!

It hasn’t always been easy though, Michelle was doing great with the weight loss and struggling to find the motivation to do the workouts. but this week she joined in with the 7 day HIIT workout challenge.

She found the motivation!

“It’s surprising how much you can fit in, in the mornings when you put your mind to it isn’t it! Loved doing the HIITs this week and can’t believe I have managed 5 days in a row – that’s a first for me! Gonna try to keep it up for the next few weeks x”


She’s now in a new clothes size and her jeans which were too small for her now fit!

I feel so much healthier and happier since following Tara’s plan….. everyone needs a Tara Hammett in their life! If you are thinking of joining one of her programs, don’t hesitate you will love the benefits and meet new friends along the way ? xx. I am going on holidays next week and for the first time I am confident that I will not fall off the wagon (not too much anyway) and will be back on track straightaway because I love the food that I’m eating and how good it feels to have all the energy in the world xx


^ The detox week which Michelle and the other girls started a few weeks ago is open and we’re starting on Monday.

Don’t read this and think

” Wish I could lose weight like that”

Don’t tell yourself that you won’t start now because you’ve got this & that coming up.

You’ll ALWAY have this & that coming up. That’s life!

If you want to lose weight:


Take your first step.

You may or may not have done it before but if you need that boost of motivation,

do something for you and get started this weekend

P.S Michelle had a glass of sparkling wine with her indian last night. Amazing how you can still enjoy thing like that and feel EPIC! x

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  • June 24, 2017