Look whats arrived - Tara Hammett

Look whats arrived

The TARAnsformer Record Book
The Life TARAnsformers are doing
AMAZING already.
The small little tasks being set each day
are being done.
Top points
(Minus a few…there’s a lesson in everything)
When you start off you can’t
expect to be PERFECT straight away.
There is no perfect plan
but having a plan in the first place is the BEST start.
What’s your plan?
(please don’t be too scared to email
me and let me know…or ask a question.
I love it)
The record books are part of the strategy
we’ll be using to make sure we know
EXACTLY how well we’re doing.
How many inches are gone
How many pounds are gone
What we ate and drunk to
SPEED UP the weight loss and
keep us on track
PLUS the all important tasks
to help us improve our confidence,
our relationships with ourselves and loved ones.
I know 7 days into the New Year, not everyone has got off
to the best start.
Maybe there’s still alcohol and chocolates
hanging around that you keep dipping in to.
You may be struggling with the willpower
to stop dipping in to them and could do with
a bit of extra support and accountability.
Well…..It’s too late for the Life TARAnsformer programme.
And the detox is well on the way
(Gareth has lost 7lbs already!)
My next programme….
The 21 day programme is kicking off and opening
YOU could challenge yourself to 3 weeks to
lose up to 18LBS.
MAYBE you only want to lose 4-5
MAYBE you would like to lose 3-4 inches from your waist
MAYBE you just want to be able to do your jeans up properly
MAYBE you just want to tone up your wobbly bits
This 21 day programme is JUST THE PLAN
to cover it all.
Want to know more and
if it’s for you?
Click the link and JUST READ ABOUT IT
Nothing to lose!!!
I’m gonna email you again later
just to let you know about my exciting project with
the schools and getting children healthier!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s LIVE Classes will be kicking off again on Monday 11th January too!
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