"Let's sort out my Mum Tum" - Tara Hammett

“Let’s sort out my Mum Tum”


So there’s some BRAND NEW Faces joining the next 21 day challenge team!

I love how showing the real results of real women who have joined the Taransformer
programmes is inspiring so many to join me for the FINAL
21 day programme.

Leanne and Donna are two newbies, they saw the wonderful transformation of
Emma Stewart, got in touch to find out more and are joining in.

They’re excited to feel like they’ve got the answer they were looking for to
get motivated and make that first step.

Rebecca and Angela are returning, they’ve been busy with their babies and
feel ready now, as Angela put it
“Let’s sort out my Mum Tum”

Sometimes you just need the right time to come along and think
“That’s it, I’m doing it too”

You can only watch others do it for so long, before you realise that YOU can
do exactly the same.

No more feeling STUCK,
If you really want to change you need to make a decision to change the direction of the way you live.

It’s all in your mind.

The struggle
The Fight

All in your mind.

If you’re looking to change, first you need to change your mind
before you can change your body.

If you want it to happen….get up off your butt and do it!

You can’t change what’s going on around you until you change what’s going on INSIDE YOU.

Turn your



Stop looking for answers in other people or
Miracle products

Take action on you so you can be a
BETTER Mum/Partner/Daughter/Friend/Colleague

Agree with what I’m saying?

Ready then?

21 Day ‘It’s My Turn Now” Programme

Click the link above.

No more excuses
None of this…Ah it’s the end of the year now, start in January



Tara xx

P.S I’ll be sharing another epic transformation tomorrow……It’s all in the face 😉 xx

  • November 11, 2016